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Blacking out the Chrome

I just blacked out the chrome on my black Model 3 with satin black. I am in San Diego and in the past I have used some of the obvious top shops. I found this company Ghost Wrap (CJ - (916) 837-8833). He used to work at one of those shops and he did it for 1/3 the price. The work is amazing and of good if not higher quality. He is even willing to come to your house/business. Thoroughly recommend


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    I actually blacked out all the chrome and wheels in satin black for my m3 performance i chose to do via powder coating, more expensive.

    In general, chrome delete looks great on these
    Congrats to you!
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    I did it too, at Sticker City in Van Nuys. Great job
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    How much was it from Sticker City?
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    You’ll have to call sticker city. The price may have changed.
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    Holding up very well after a couple of years, I must say. I’ve seen others where you see wear and bits of the chrome where the mirrors fold, but Sticker City did a really nice job:
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