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Replacing Previous PV Battery with Powerwall 2 - Easy to Order, Impossible to Install

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My order was confirmed 5 Oct 2017 for a power wall to replace expired deep-cycle batteries in an existing PV system. Supplied an as-built wiring drawing for the existing system and photos of every related component. Since then, there has been no engineering plan, a report that Tesla would likely need to apply for a permit with PG&E to substitute their battery, and finally today a report that the engineering team has decided that the Powerwall can't provide backup power until they develop software to do that.

Not cancelling the order, mind you, "just putting it into a holding pattern". And since the "engineering team" hides behind a wall of "advisors", you can't get a credible explanation of why.

I suspect Mr. Musk and Mr. Straubel have no idea that the people they hire are so inept at turning my money into their money.......


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    Just a curiosity, why does the current battery system matter for these guys? Can you not just remove the current system yourself and then request that they come and install? It seems you gave too much information and now they are jittery because it's not one of their standard installs
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    Today is now 6 months since my order for a PowerWall 2 was confirmed. It is also 5 weeks since a Tesla representative came to the site, removed all panel deadfronts and photographed the site details again.

    As of today, there is no design that has been offered, no proposal for installation, no quote for installation, no date for installation. Strange way to run a company.
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    Wayne, where are you located?
  • In the end, Tesla seems to be unable to install a Powerwall2 in our location in CA. It briefly looked like there was some progress when stacking inverters was suggested but the final assessment was that there was no solution. I'd even suggested that replacing the inverter was possible if they'd like to propose something different.

    I cancelled my order and my local installer is planning to install an LG Chem battery shortly.
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