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Currently live in AZ and moving to Texas shortly. Kind of surprised that there are no "perks" for EV owners in Texas, at least I can't find any. For example, in AZ EV cars are allowed to drive in the HOV lanes, no questions asked. Also allowed to park in carpool parking spots, if you want to. Can anyone share any perks for EV's in Texas? Thanks!


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    Long time Tesla owner in Texas - since early 2013.

    Unaware of any "perks" for owning a Tesla in Texas. Can't use the HOV lanes. No income taxes - so no EV tax credit. And the Texas car dealership lobby is so strong that when the legislature meets (for 4 months every 2 years), they've been able to continue blocking Tesla from selling cars in the Tesla "Galleries" (which hasn't stopped Tesla from selling A LOT of Tesla cars in Texas).

    There are some EV chargers at airports and in public garages. And some places will have a few spots marked for EV or "low emission vehicles" only (though I often see pickup trucks and large SUVs using those spots).
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    Welcome to Texas.

    Perk: sit in your car listening to music in your garage without dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.
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    Yeah, I didn't know there was such a thing as car pool parking. There no perks specific to Texas for EV stuff. You do get the federal Tax Credit though (along with the rest of the states). The only thing we're not big on is EVs, apparently.
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