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Becoming Tesla Supplier/agent

Dear Tesla Team,

My name is Anton Woo from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I am very interested in Tesla Products especially sustainable energy solution.

I learned about what Tesla company is doing from the internet, I got very excited and I would like to join the Team.

When I check your distribution list, I found that you have not make it to Indonesian market.
Please consider me to be your bridge/agent into our county in Indonesia. Indonesia's population is around 300 million people, a big market and in need of solutions that your company offers. I believe your company is one of the best in this business.

I am an entrepreneur, a chain restaurant owner and a firm believer that we can make this world a better place for future generation.

I am not a billionaire, nor a giant company. But I believe together with effort and true conviction, we can achieve our goal to make this world a better place.

Please direct me or connect me to the person in charge of this matter. I can be contacted through email or mobile number. ([email protected]) (+628170818898)

Thank you very much for your kind attention. Looking forward for your reply and cooperation.

Best Regards,
Anton Woo


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    Hi, Dear All Friends in Tesla,

    This is Kevin Wu From ZHEJIANG RHI Electric Co.,Ltd.
    Let us introduce our company to you . My business mai is [email protected] Mob: 86-15967753332 or 86-15867770670, Skype id :smilekevinh

    ZHEJIANG RHI Electric Co., Ltd is specialized on the production and R&D of new energy battery connection accessories and soft PVC dipping products. The company began producing all kinds of soft PVC dipping products in 1991, established a new energy department in 2013, and is supplying power/battery connection system products for more than 1, 000 new energy enterprises now. We have three branches to keep fast production ability. Main products including:

    · Rigid/ Solid Copper Bus Bar

    · Flexible Copper Bus Bar

    · Soft Copper Foil Connectors

    · Laminated Bus Bar

    · Battery Connector

    · Copper Connector

    · Aluminium Bus Bar

    · Aluminium Foil Connectors

    · Braided Bus Bar

    · PVC/Vinyl Caps series: Busbar Cover / Cable Lug Cover / Battery Terminal Covers

    · Round End Cap / Square End Cap / Hanger Cap / Anti-Roll Cap / Handle Grip

    · Threaded Cap / PVC Sleeves / Vinyl Wire End Cap / Housing Covers

    High Precision Automation Equipment

    RHI have multiply, high-precision and advanced mechanical equipments for every steps of copper busbar production. Wire-electrode cutting machine, copper foil cutting machine, high pressure punching machine, Polymer diffusion welding equipment, high precision grinder machine, milling machine, water washing and polishing machine and other machines guarantee our excellent carry-out of customers' requirement. Our assembly line makes sure timely delivery time and capacity of big quantity orders.

    Highly-skilled Engineers Team

    We have a team combine of a group of excellent engineers. They analyse and decompose the drawings, build 3D drawings and offer technical guidance

    High Quality Production Team

    For production department. Their profession, excellent work performance and ability is the element of good quality of copper bus bars.

    "Quality First" is always the working policy of our production department. It is a technically skilled working team. The workers are experienced and know well about that quality is the vitality of a company. They execute strictly to company rules and drawings, which promise perfect result and few errors.

    Reliable Quality

    We have complete inspection equipments and strict procedures of raw material inspection, initial workpiece inspection, production process self-inspection, patrol inspection, finished product storage inspection, and finished product inspection.

    For copper material, we strictly adopts the T2 (C1100) standard and controls indicators as copper content ≥ 99.9% and electrical conductivity ≥ 57%. For Insulation material, we strictly complies with the European latest RoHS, Reach environmental requirements and UL94V-0 flame retardant standard. Quality control is the bottom line for the RHI manufacturing. We produce in accordance with IATF16949 standards to ensure reliable quality.

    Good After-Sale Service

    RHI after-sale stuffs serve for every customer who receive the products. Any problems will be reply in 24 hours.

    Approved Certificate

    All products reach the EU RoHS /REACH environmental standards, and electrical plastic products reach UL94V-0 flame retardant requirements. We are certified by the ISO9001 international quality management system in 2015, we are also SGS Approved Factory. Now we are applying TS16949 /IATF16949: 2016

    Serve worldwide

    We export our products to Europe, North American, Australia, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Mideast, Africa and other countries. With honest operating, excellent product quality, great reputation, and professional customer service, we has been well recognized by customers from domestic and overseas markets.

    Win-Win Cooperation

    We adhere to good products and good service, help customers to reduce costs, and manage to get "win-win" in the fiercely competitive market. RHI Electric Co., Ltd look forward to cooperating with you!
  • Hello, my company (Ginlong Technologies, Home of the Solis Inverter) is interested in being placed on your Approved Supplier List for PV String Inverters that can be installed in North America with the Tesla PowerWall storage and solar roofing products. Other PV String Inverters, similar to our product have been approved and we look forward to reviewing your process and getting started.
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    Hello Tesla Team,

    My name is ALberto Pinto, and im an entrepreneur always looking to promote healthy economies to push labor workplaces and innovation.

    I am from Venezuela, a country very rich with 20 years of devastation, recently there was a government change and we going to rebuild the country. We have a company called Power Electric de Venezuela C.A. and we provide mobile electricity to clients, and because my passion to cars and to Tesla I find out no Tesla en South or Central America, and i am looking to promote when the time is correct for the company to distribute Tesla brand, cars and electricity devices. Even that we are rich in Petroleum also very rich in Electricity as well. The economy of Venezuela needs Tesla to reduce 18 Billions US Dollars in Gasoline expense by the government.

    Please get in contact with me [email protected], 7867798901

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    Hi Tesla,
    My name is Richard Watts and I live in the UK.
    The UK is currently undergoing major upheaval and change caused by our decision to leave the EU.
    As a result of this decision, several large companies have decided to leave the UK and abandon their significant investments here. These investments include not only physical buildings and infrastructure but the training of local people to produce a highly skilled workforce.
    This situation was recently brought home to me by the decision of Honda to close their factory in Swindon in 2021 after more than 30 years production. This will result in a redundant workforce of 3,500 directly employed by Honda, a further approximately 5,000 people in the supply chain and the abandonment of their modern production facilities.
    The UK has an aggressive policy of installing renewable energy, both solar and wind, and in this respect is a world leader. However the UK does not manufacture much of the machinery and infrastructure for the production and, more importantly, the storage of renewable electricity.
    I believe there is an opportunity for Tesla to create a manufacturing facility for batteries and solar panels at the Swindon Honda Factory. In addition, I also believe there would be an opportunity to assemble/manufacture Tesla Electric Vehicles.
    There is no doubt that the UK Government would be prepared to provide financial incentives for the above proposal especially since Dyson's decision to base themselves in Singapore.
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Richard Watts email: [email protected] tel:+447767796774
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    My name is Paul and our Company is Ecogrip. We are manufacturers of Eco-Friendly work gloves that are completely chemical free. I believe that Tesla's employees will appreciate our gloves because our gloves do not contain any chemicals like DMF, Butadiene, Silicone, etc. Our coated gloves are perfect for those working out in the field and those working in the assembly lines. Unlike the traditional gloves coated with either PU or Nitrile, our gloves are the first in the world that are coated with 100% Poly Urea, a water based PU. We are the only company that perfected in applying Poly Urea on gloves. No other company has done this yet!!
    Paul email: [email protected]
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    To all of you soliciting Tesla here...this is a CUSTOMER forum. Tesla doesn't monitor posts on this forum.

    Contact Tesla via other means, because this will get you no where.
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    Any hint, where/how to register or apply as a new supplier for European factories?

    Jakub Kurtycz
    ([email protected])
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    Had you ever considered calling Tesla, rather than posting to a *customer* forum that Tesla doesn't monitor?

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    @gregbrew thank you for an answer. I've seen your previous post about the character of this forum. I'm trying to recognize company structure of Tesla, and was wondering if there is any European division, who I could try to cooperate with. If I find nothing, I'll contact the US Location.
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