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Solar tiles and roof complexity

edited February 2018 in Energy Products
I'm planning on having the Tesla solar roof tiles installed on our house and out buildings (garage, car port, greenhouse) in the next two years or so, but on the main house our roof is a little complex, so I wonder how much the complexity of the roof affects the installation costs.

I'm particularly interested in the solar roof being fire resistant and its longevity more than its power production (our siding is HardiPlank which is already fire resistant). Again because of the complexity of the roof on the main house, I'm thinking of only installing the solar glass tiles on the car port and garage and only use the non-solar roof glass tiles on the main house with its complex roof. As the non solar glass tiles are 1/4 the cost of the solar glass tiles, we would save a lot of money. Also, that way all the electrical wiring is only necessary in structures that have easy access to the underside of the roof.

So I guess I have two questions: first, how does the cost of *non* solar glass tile materials and installation compare to say asphalt shingle material and installation? And second, how much does the complexity of the roof affect the installation costs of solar or non-solar glass tiles?
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