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We really need time of use charging ASAP. Australia’s energy prices are through the roof. My off peak is 21c shoulder pricing is 23c and peak just over 50c!!.
This is why we need to able to charge off peak and use the power in the morning shoulder period allowing solar recharging for the evening peak!


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    Tesla is slowly becoming synonymous with delay and disappointment. The function you require was promised last year. I requested a backup gateway and was told AFTER the PW was installed that I would have to wait for the hardware to be released in the UK. My supplier is no longer returning my emails so I called another and they told me the backup gateway would be available in about six weeks. I told them I would order another PW once they had a backup gateway in their hands. I'm not going to hold my breath.
    UK being RHD my M3 reservation is currently early 2019. Time will tell how long 2019 actually becomes.

    It is a real shame as the concept and the hardware generally delivers. The support I have had from the Netherlands has been excellent. It is just that they will promise you the world but lie about the timescale.
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    Wow - where in NSW do you live? My TOU are 28.6c, 27.6c and 18.6c for peak, shoulder and off-peak. What is your daily charge?
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    We have recently have had our ToU meter installed here in Hobart, however there are TWO peak periods throughout the day and the rest is off-peak. Alas the has no way to set two peak periods and as such I am manually adjusting the settings twice a day.

    Tesla ANZ suggest ".. you set your peak to run starting when the first period starts to when the second period ends for optimal results, however until we get the feature for multiple peak periods, you're likely to be better served by the self-powered mode."

    Both suggested options result in us drawing from the grid during the afternoon/evening peak. I guess this will not be the case during summer as the increased PV and decreased heating loads should enable overnight charging to get us through 9pm.

    Tesla ANZ also say that "..about multiple peak periods, that is not currently a feature available in the Powerwall app, but I have been told it is coming in a future update."

    I wonder if that will be before Summer when I presume this essential software feature is released.
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