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What is your Wh/Mile?



  • 15 months and nearly 50K miles.

    I'd say 70% highway miles, 20% city and 10% mountain.
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    Type: Model 3 LR RWD 18” Aero all season tires
    Location: Maine and Atlantic Canada
    Wh/mile: 302
    Type of driving: Mixed. Some interstate speed limits here are 75MPH. Preheat often and try to finish charging just before leaving when plugged in. Occasionally leave heat on for an hour or two when away from car and NOT plugged in. I try to avoid driving during heavy snow storms or freezing rain.
    Temp: -5 to 45 degrees F
    Miles: 3,324—October 2018 through March 2019
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    Type: Model 3 LR RWD 19" and 18" wheels
    Location: Dallas/Ft Worth, TX (mostly hot) 20 to 108 degrees F
    Wh/mile: 235 - goes up in summer months (a/c) and down in winter (no hvac and use heated seats and gloves)
    Miles: 4100 over 1 year old
    City/Hwy: 95/05 (Model S used on road trips) - rarely use Supercharger. Mostly charged off home solar system.
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    My typical has been 320 on the 21s (3300 miles), but I recently have brought that down through more observant driving so I am averaging 254 wh/mi (Model S 60)
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    Minnesota. 54 degrees
    1,453 miles and mine is 270.
    Not really conserving.
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    California 67 degrees
    295 Wh/mi
    1,360 miles (1 month of ownership), LR AWD, 19”
    Type of driving: Mixed depending on my mood ;-)
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    I live in MN. Definitely have noticed that roughly 40 degrees seems to be the line between “good efficiency” and sort of “crap efficiency”. Loving the warmer weather ahead of us.
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    "I live in MN. Definitely have noticed that roughly 40 degrees seems to be the line between 'good efficiency' and sort of 'crap efficiency.' "

    For me in California the line between good and bad efficiency seems to be much higher. For me it's around 60 degrees.
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    Update on mine:

    I’ve now had the car almost a month. NY, avg probably 50 degrees. SR+ 18” wheels.

    85% highway
    Low climate or no climate on
    259 wh/mile in 1500 miles

    The efficiency has been good overall and I’ve noticed on the occasional 65 degree day we had I was able to achieve close to 200 wh/mi. So, I’m sure in the summer my numbers will go to more like 230 wh/mile.

    However, what isn’t accounted for is the drain per day. 10 miles a day seems to be the norm for me (occasional pre heat) and more if sentry mode is on (20ish) miles a day.

    10 miles a day, 365 days a year just lost is 3,650 miles gone from the range that need to be replenished (about $15 a month wasted with my NY electric rates)

    Just to keep that in consideration for those who feel that they would save quite a bit from switching from an ICE car. I ended up saving quite a small amount compared to my 26mpg Cadillac at current gas prices. Maybe $40-50 a month. Still good. Not great. I imagine those with low electric rates are loving it though
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    >40 degrees and it’s not unusual to get efficiencies of 220-250. Below and I’m frequently 290-320.
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    M3 LR RWD
    We've had it for a bit more than 7k miles now over 7 months and Watts/Mile is 256.
    We got it in August and it was HOT here in Tucson so our Initial W/M was 300+ but it's gone steadily down what with less launching it and cooler temps. Lately my about town W/M is 220-230ish.
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    LR RWD 19”
    211 Wh/mi, 14,600 miles
    Los Angeles, mostly freeway
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    P3D+, about 6000mi in with late September delivery (so mostly cool to cold driving so far). The last 4000mi have been on Pilot A/S 3+

    Live on a hill and most drives lose between 500-1000ft before heading home.
    40/60 highway/city
    Lifetime is 310Wh/mi
    On warm days without punching it, I’ll get 240 on my city round trips.

    My first 3 (RWD LR) is at 218 over 15,000mo and 14 months.

    My P3D+ is a bit over our S85D’s lifetime of 304.
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    15,000mi* ;-)
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    SR+ 19" Sport wheels
    234 Wh/Mi for first 1000 miles
    San Diego freeway driving
    Charge to 80% (194 miles) using 240-50 and mobile charger at 32 mph @ $0.23 kwh
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    November, 1 to March 15 ~3000 miles mixed driving, nonstop and go, rarely over 60 mph, 18” aero, Hakka 9’s, mostly snow/ice covered roads, heated garage, lower snow but colder than average winter, heat on 67 auto.
    Averaged 447 wh/mi.
    April 1 until this AM with daily sun and highs in the 40’s so heat is mostly off, snow/ice mostly gone from roads, 18”
    Forged ENKI with the OEM Michelin’s. I’m at 267 Wh/mi same driving.
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    1184 Miles Lifetime
    Wh/Mile: 182
    Driving type: 15% Local, 85% Freeway
    Temperature: 65-85F

    I drive like a grandma(45-65mph).
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    I should add it's SR+ in LA weather.
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    Just completed a 2,600 mile round trip in my 2018 build LR AWD with 18" Sport wheels. I was traveling between Virginia and Missouri on I-70 average speed 70-75 MPH with temps from 33-65.

    2,609 miles
    745 Kwh used
    286 wh/mi
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    Started using Tesla FI when we had about 3k miles on the car.

    # Of Drives 655
    Miles Driven 8815
    Rated Miles Used 11610
    Wh/Mile 298 Wh/Mile
    Efficiency 75.93%
    kWh Used 2629.68 kWh
    Avg Temp 46.98
    Total Cost 302.38
    Total Gas Savings 1259.43
    Time Spent Driving 9 Days 4 Hours 25 Min
  • M3RM3R
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    LR RWD
    11371 Miles Lifetime
    Wh/Mile: 229
    Driving type: 10% Local, 90% Freeway
    Temperature: 50-90F (since Aug 2018 till today Apr 2019)
    Los Angeles, California

    Since mine is red and driving on LA toll road most the time. I try to keep my speed under 70 mph. You know how aggressive those Cop.
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    AWD non P
    ~5000 miles
    Wh/Mile: 360
    Driving type: aggressive :)
    Car owned only through winter in MN. Already seeing below 300 due to warmer weather.
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    AWD non P
    8233 mi (wh/mi reading over last 2600 miles)
    Wh/Mile: 326
    Driving type: varies
    Temperature: -20 to 60 (so far).
    Chicago, IL

    As Mike said, already seeing improvement. yesterday I was able to get 220 for my drive in (city streets) and about 245 (city + highway) for the ride home.
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    7,500 miles since October 2018, 335 Wh/mi life average, but with spring last several hundred miles now around 250 Wh/mi
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    Wh/Mile: 205
    Driving type: Highway/Local/Mixed Mixed, more highway than local
    Temperature: In F please 58.97
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