Model 3

What is your Wh/Mile?



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    Wh/Mile: 189 - since last charge - about 200 miles, can't figure out how to get the lifetime
    Been in the 60's last few days
    MR, 18" wheels
    Commute about 40 miles - mostly backroads with last few miles of bumper to bumper. Highway on weekends.
    Washington, DC area
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    @kataniki you should be able to use your finger to swipe up on the display "since last charge" to review additional trip meters.
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    Thanks, @wiscy67. Figured it out now. Still learning...
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    So, I drove with that section of app open and got to watch it fluctuate quite a bit! Interesting, though not really an issue for me, driving mostly in an urban area with lots of charging options plus my trusty solar panels at home.
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    LR 3D - we see an average of ~250 with normal driving and ~ 300 on road trips.
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    averaging 332 after 2 days.

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