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Are We Going to Touch Wind Energy?

Tesla Energy has completely revolutionized the way solar energy can be harnessed by individual consumers, but will they attempt to do the same for wind energy? I have yet to hear any of Elon's opinions on wind energy (by all means, let me know if he's said anything, I'd be glad to give it a listen). Does he think it's plausible for large-scale energy production? Will we be seeing personal wind turbines with a big "T" logo in everyone's backyard in 2030?


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    I think it would be great if Tesla would get into wind energy. If they do, hopefully they will bring to market some of the different wind energy generation technologies I've seen or read about over the years. I remember hearing about one that could be mounted on the roof of a house and looked like an evaporative cooler instead of a typical wind turbine. Another possibility would be a vertical pole that generates energy by just slightly vibrating back and forth. There are lots of possibilities besides the standard wind turbine and I'm sure Tesla could come up with options which would fit in any neighborhood.

    We're adding about 15 kW of solar this year but would love to be able to add wind to the mix as we get wind probably 75% of the time at our house.
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