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Falcon Heavy main core, did you land in the ocean,, because you could?

Too many things are lining up for the math, an under the radar 9 lands in the ocean and is recovered. no video of the main core crashing,,, did it really crash, or go where it was suposta be?

Has anyone seen the landing platform getting repaired?

Could also be a engineer, first choice/ what is your second choice if we run out of energy thing.

It is a very simple question, did the core land exactly on the mark in the ocean?


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    Nope. Did not land on the mark. Ran out of lighter fluid. Only one out of the three engines lit for the landing burn which caused the booster to hit the water off target and really hard. Apparently the water concussion damaged the thrusters on the barge.
    Knowing Elon, we may eventually see video of it if they have it.
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    There is footage (brief) of the miss on the new video Elon shared. I think the video is also on the front page of spaceX.
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