Rimac Concept_Two vs Tesla Next gen Roadster

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Yesterday Rimac announced their latest full electric hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show and boy, does it have mighty impressive numbers. Now, the price tag of over €1 million sets it in a different league as the Tesla Roadster, but the performance figures are pretty similar. And maybe some elements will hint at what the Roadster will actually pack when it comes out in a few years.

So I made a very detailed video about what we know about the Rimac now and where I had information, i also compared it to the Roadster. It's more Rimac that Tesla, so I hope it's fine to post here. But this is a car to keep an eye on...

(the video is quite lengthy, as there is a lot of information to get through, but I hope this will give you a complete overview)


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    I find it interesting the 1/4 mile time is a few tenths slower than the 2020 Roadster and kudos to Rimac for achieving these performance specs with only a 120-130kwh battery. Impressive.
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    Rimac over $1 million, Aspark over $4 millions. Both with similar specs to the Roadster 2.0.
    It really shows what a bargain the Roadster 2.0 is!
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    Plus I could comfortably drive the Roadster to work or even to Costco but not the others.
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    even the Rimac has a nosecone :)
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