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1000$ reservation

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I'm confused, I look on several snapshot of person who take their Model3 to the Design Shop, but can't see the 1000$ from the reservation on their Total price... Is that disappear ? what happen with that ?


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    It shows up later, it’s still there after you pay the $2500 it’s listed
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    @Wattsm309 is correct - when you configure, you place an additional $2,500 down. Your account is then credited with $3,500 down.
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    Total price is what you're paying for the car, total. They do not try to make the car seem $1000 less expensive by including the reservation deposit in the "price".

    Instead, as the others have said, after they configuration is confirmed, you'll have $3500 already paid (and the $1000 becomes non-refundable at that point along with the $2500).
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    I haven’t configured my 3 yet, but I was invited to do so, and the Design Studio shows the $1,000 reservation under the First Production price breakdown. I’m surprised you’re not seeing it.
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    EVRider your correct but it looks like it disappears after you get further in to it but it doesn’t
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