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If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner.



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    Because your car was originally purchased in 2016 free supercharging is attached to the car. As BH mentioned some time in early 2017 the policy changed and cars originally purchased after that had free supercharging attached to the original owner.
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    Back to the OP's original question... how would Tesla know, other than the warranty?

    The email login can be changed, so Tesla wouldn't know if it was a new owner or just the same owner with a new email.

    I'm asking because I have have TM3P with unlimited SC and plan on giving my car to my son when he turns 16. But I want to ensure that he gets to keep the unlimited SC.
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    When the car gets sold, Tesla needs to do a transfer of ownership to the new owner and add the car to their account. So, they will know!
    Now, if it’s your son, just keep the car on your name or add your son to the registration... what’s the problem?
    Do not go through a transfer of ownership, otherwise you’ll loose the free SC...
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    @passion2Fly thanks for the info. That's what I will do (add him to my existing registration), the reason I wanted to transfer the car to him outright is to teach him responsibility and independence (I'm a financial advisor).
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    Giving him a m3p at 16. He will definitely get the independence, but I would worry about him being responsible. Either way he's gonna have a blast
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    Giving him a m3p at 16. He will definitely get the independence, but I would worry about him being responsible. Either way he's gonna have a blast
  • What about leased cars ? In my country leasing usually ends with buying the car from leasing company. It works just like credit, but it's more convenient with taxes.
    When my 3 yrs leasing ends, I am going to buy it and drive to its technical death.
    But the owner now is leasing company, so technically the owner will change, though the driver will be the same.
    What about free supercharging then ???
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    In the US, leased cars still belong to you and to the leasing company. Your name appears on the registration and the car is linked to your Tesla account...
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    Last summer I purchased a MX90D from a Chevrolet dealership. Getting it transferred through Tesla was a bit of a challenge, but I still have free Supercharging...
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    I don't know if I ever saw it written anywhere but I had more than one Tesla employee tell me that the lifetime supercharging on my car (Dec 2016 MX) would be for the lifetime of the car, and would transfer to any subsequent owner.
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    MhoPower - yes, your Dec 2016 has lifetime supercharging that stays with the can find that written in your My Tesla account :)
    It is anyone that purchased after Jan 1 2017 that had supercharging NOT attached to the car, and died upon transfer of the car.
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    They extended that date from January 1, 2017 to January 15, 2017, the day I bought my Model S, just for that reason.
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    @burdogg Thanks. I wonder how that will translate into increased resale value (if I can ever bring myself to give up this awesome vehicle :-))
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    Tesla doesn’t transfer ownership right away. I kept getting charging alerts in my Tesla iPhone App for a couple of months after I sold my previous Tesla. I informed Tesla to transfer ownership at time of sale, but they did nothing, it was a total security breach, as I could see the new owner’s location and have access to all their control in the Tesla App. I had to call Tesla and email them multiple for times for them to fix this, to basically disassociate my Tesla App with the previous vehicle I sold. If you’re buying a us d Tesla, be wary that Tesla should disconnect the previous owner from the vehicle. Otherwise the previous will get all text alerts and new owner zero.
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    I read a lot about this here. Just wanted to I recently bought a 2016 X from a Mercedes Dealer in CA and when I transferred ownership I received an email telling me it was successfully transferred and to my surprise it also said my car come with free unlimited Supercharging and if I sell it goes with the next owner.
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    I had no idea it came with the car I bought.
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    Yes, 2016 models have transferable free supercharging. It was discontinued beginning of 2017...
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    To bad there are no Super Chargers in Maui.
  • Dean, that's awesome...about how long did it take? Also were you able to purchase an extended warranty?
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    @asksoldbysara Hello there. since you purchased you used CPO Model x from Tesla, are you happy with it. Have you had any major issues. If you do not mind me asking, how many miles was on it and do you drive a lot of miles?? I am considering buying a CPO X or possibly a new 3... Would appreciate yours or anyone's input. Thanks much in advance.
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    Hello all,

    I’m about three weeks into ownership of a 2018 Tesla Model X P100D. I bought it used through a 3rd party dealer in Southern California. I found it through the used car aggregate site:

    I was initially told the car had free supercharging (the used dealer was supercharging it while in their possession, and the balance always said: $0.00). Thus their conclusion.

    During the two weeks of ownership, I took the car up and back from Los Angeles to Napa. And all around Los Angeles. Free supercharging intact.

    A week later I was able to activate the Tesla app. Once this occurred, free supercharging was deactivated and I’ve since been charged.

    Here’s the issue: I made a valuation on this car, based upon the fact that it had free supercharging. I am aware that Tesla values this feature at approximately $5,000 (this is what they offer to buy it back for).

    I had two different calls with Tesla customer technical support. Each time I received a different answer. The first time they told me that the previous owner only had a 400kw per year credit, which had expired. The second time they told me that the previous owner had been given free supercharging for life due to referrals, but that it was deactivated once the registration was completed in my name.

    But here’s what really rubbed me the wrong way, hence this post: they told me, on a recorded call, that they DO NOT DISCLOSE the status of a vehicle’s free supercharging status to third parties until the vehicle has been registered. They claim it’s a privacy issue. So I, as the consumer, now take a hit on the current expenses related to the vehicle (the money I will lose charging, which I factored into what I bid for the vehicle) as well as the future resale value of the vehicle. Tesla told me to take it up with the third party dealer, however they admitted that said third party dealer would have no way of knowing about the vehicles supercharging status unless they registered the vehicle with Tesla. Tesla also said on this call, that a third party dealer or buyer is the same in their eyes.

    I am very disappointed in this blatant obfuscation of a very valuable feature. They claim they are able to “remove it at their discretion.” In the end, the support rep said “you can email our legal department” if you have further concerns, but “this is the end of the road for us.”

    So here I am. I want to hear from you all. Who else has experienced this? Tesla, by their own admission, will not confirm the existence of free supercharging on a given VIN until AFTER the purchase. The only exception: if you purchase it directly through their used program. This is deliberate, disingenuous and unethical.

    I loved this car initially but this experience has left a terrible taste in my mouth and I feel cheated. I can take the hit monetarily, but I worked hard to make the money to purchase this car, and I will not stand for this. It’s a matter of principle. And I’m sure many of you feel the same.

    I am gathering other individuals and will be proceeding legally if Tesla continues not to rectify this issue. Join me and spread the word.

    I can be reached at [email protected]


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    sounds like you should have done a little research before you bought the car. It is a well known fact that free supercharging does NOT transfer to a new owner.
    The dealer and you are responsible for your situation.
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    Actually you are mistaken. In fact Tesla confirmed this to me on a recorded call. It is “at their discretion.”
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    Both my M3 and MX have FUSC
    both clearly state on the vehicle description that FUSC WILL NOT transfer to a new owner if the vehicle is sold
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    @Humaliwo - Sorry for your confusion. Not sure how Tesla is responsible for the dealer's misrepresentation. I also understand Tesla's inability to provide customer's information to a third party, it may even be illegal for them to do it.

    I've never heard Supercharger valued at $5,000. Back in 2013, it was a $2,000 option on a Model S60, which included both access to the Superchargers and no cost for charging. So there a portion of that $2,000 to just have access to the Superchargers but I have no way to value that.

    Generally, options on used vehicles are depreciated at 50% or more of the original value, so it would seem the value at most is $1,000 if a car had included lifetime free Supercharging.
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