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If you choose to sell your current Tesla, free Supercharging will not transfer to the next owner.



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    A $5000 value for SC is BS and conflated with the rebate on Performance Model 3s after a precipitous price reduction. This is totally on Cargurus for misrepresentation and poor due diligence on the part of Humali.
    As to promoting a class action case, GFY.
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    last year I was offered $5k to end my FUSC on my P3D
    I think that is where the $5k comes from
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    @jimglas Intentionality, tone and emotion are difficult to interpret via written word. I am sensing animosity from you and I’m not certain why. If I am mistaken please let me know. If are indeed upset, perhaps you can explain why.

    I am not here to debate this matter. I did many months of research attempting understand this issue (prior to my purchase), but only after my vehicle was registered, and during a subsequent final phone call with Tesla’s supervisor, they directly stated on record: the existence and continuation of FSD is “at their discretion.” This is also supported by the many used cars on the Tesla used site which indicate the continuation of free supercharging in certain vehicles. It is an incentive when it benefits them financially, and removed when it isn’t. They are de-incentivizing buyers from purchasing their used cars outside their site.

    Again, as I stated previously, when purchased from a third party (either directly from another individual or from a used dealer) Tesla will only tell you if the car retains FSD AFTER your purchase.. This is unprecedented.

    With regards to “holding the third party used car dealer responsible”, this is exactly the illogical argument Tesla made. If you don’t understand the fallacy, I am not here to explain this again, please read the previous post. There are very direct legal precedents to such behavior in other businesses. However, in the interest of future legal proceedings and at the advice of legal counse, these arguments will be saved for court.

    I am simply here to ask that anyone interested or affected spread the word and pass along my email [email protected]

    I think Tesla has created a tremendous product, second to none. I greatly admire the ingenuity and engineering of this vehicle. I also believe that “early adopters drive change” and appreciate everyone here who may have voted (with their dollar) to protect the environment by purchasing a Tesla.

    However, I will not stand idly as a company takes advantage of their monopoly on information, solely for their financial gain over the individual consumer. Every other feature of the vehicle is listed publicly on the window sticker. This is to protect consumers and third party dealers alike. That a single option would be withheld is unethical and obvious in its intention.

    Thank you for your time. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me directly. And again, please pass this along time any friends similarly affected.
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    The dealer did not misrepresent anything. They passed along all publicly available information as stated on the vehicle’s Monroney sticker. If they had called Tesla, by Tesla’s own admission, they would not tell the dealer if the vehicle had UFSC, or credits, nor whether said potential UFSC or credits would continue with the VIN of the vehicle.
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    @Humaliwo - Ok, if they had the Moroney sticker, the only thing it will state is "Supercharger Enabled" which is true. It doesn't state the cost of the electricity of a Supercharger. If the dealer told you it had lifetime Supercharging, then they are on the hook for misrepresentation, especially if they put it in writing. Sorry, I don't see how Tesla has any responsibility or either the dealer or your misunderstandings. The general knowledge (which you could have asked in the forums before purchase) is except for some rare cases, any Tesla made in 2017 or later does not come with transferable free lifetime Supercharging.

    You are correct that Tesla makes it clear for the used cars they sell. There is nothing wrong with this either, but this has zero to do with your specific case unless you bought the car from Tesla and they misstated what came with the car.

    I really think you are misdirecting your anger at Tesla rather than the dealer, but if you want to sue Tesla, there is nothing preventing it. I don't see how you could possibly win such a suit, but stranger things have happened. I expect you would spend a lot of money and time for zero gain. I'm not a lawyer, so this is just my opinion. Perhaps a lawyer could explain the case or lack of one clearer than I can.
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    His mind is made up.

    Good luck finding a class, idiot.
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    @TeslaTap I genuinely appreciate the time you put in to this thoughtful and thorough response. All useful things to consider.

    @Bighorn Thanks for the “well wishes” mate. ; )
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    Come to an enthusiast site and promote a law suit against the sponsor. Not too bright. Or a lawyer.
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    @Hum: No animosity
    I just posted the facts that I am aware of
    And was aware of when I purchased my 2 cars
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    @bighorn This is a message board, not an enthusiast site. It welcomes all matters if discussion, praise and grievances alike. Perhaps you should examine why you’re so triggered by my post. It’s quite odd.

    Thank you to everyone else for your time and consideration.
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    *of discussion
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    Also thank you to those that have reached out directly via email with similar issues!
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    My SA did tell me that FUSC would transfer with my car if and when I chose to sell it. If that's not the case, they should make sure the SAs know and are telling clients the right thing.
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    If you sell a pre 2017, FUSC passes with the car. If Tesla or a third party is an intermediary holder, they can remove it.
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    @erin This is precisely the issue. Your SA is passing along what they have been told. However, it is a company policy that FSU continues “at their discretion.” Therefore, there is no guarantee, regardless of the year, that it will pass along.

    Please reach out to me privately at [email protected] I am a new 2018 Model X owner experiencing the same issue, but on the buyer end. I am building a case.

    Thank you for your time.
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    There is a guarantee that if you sell a pre-2017 car that FUSC goes with the car. Don't be misled by ambulance chasers.
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    @bighorn Haha! Ok. If I’m an “ambulance chaser” you must be a Tesla plant meant to defend any criticism of the company, despite displaying zero ability to follow deductive logic or discourse intricacies of consumer law. You’re a troll and a clown. Get lost. Or email me, I’ll give you my phone number and we can have an discussion about why you continue to passively aggressively attack me. I truly would love to understand you anger. Happy Holidays mate, hope your life is a bit more interesting than waiting around to offer baseless refutations to someone just trying to ask for help from others on this message bird.
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    *message board
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    The truth hurts sometimes. Not interested in getting together.
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    Ok. I understand. This is your territory. You’re #1 around these parts, the alpha poster, the “big horn”, as it were. You have assumed the mantle of enforcer and you feel threatened. You have the posting trophy to prove it. You’ve clearly revealed yourself, I understand your behavior now.

    For the record, nothing I have said previously has been personally directed at you until my last post. I think the paper trail is clear.

    Sincerely, thank you for being a consistent contributing member to the message boards. I apologize if I rubbed you the wrong way, but I find your behavior is petty and small. And I never back down from bullies ; )

    Moving on....
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    Chalk it up to a pet peeve of mine toward new posters who invoke either lemon laws or class actions. I tried to correct your misapprehension about the value of FUSC. It cost $2000 to add to the Model S back in the day, so on a used car which has fewer potential opportunities to charge, it would be worth less. I’ve gotten tens of thousands of dollars of value out of my two FUSC vehicles, but I’m an outlier. I was offered $5000 to return the FUSC on the P3D-, but that was related to ameliorating a $20k price cut and the ensuing public uproar. So forgive my skepticism about invoking a class action over a thousand something bucks.
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    @bighorn Ok I appreciate the clarification. Let’s go with a $2000 value. However, you must also factor: if it were to transfer with the vehicle in perpetuity (as they told recent owner @erin) it is worth the same amount to future owners. Which means, as a seller, the car is worth an addition $2k. Therefore it’s at least $4k. That still doesn’t capture the value to the third, fourth or Xth buyer.

    But let’s put the cash value aside. This is actually about transparency and principle. As you can see from @erin’s comment above, it is NOT clear. It isn’t clear when speaking with customer service representatives either (they offered me three distinctly different answers, on record) and it isn’t clear with salesmen or service advisors. And it isn’t clear because they have intentionally obfuscated the reality of this feature. That is the point.

    There are a significant number of articles and YouTube videos (and heaps of comments therein) all expressing the same confusion. By current owners. And potential buyers.

    Tesla is intentionally withholding information to monopolize future resale of their vehicle (they literally said “well this is why you should only buy used from us”), by their own admission. They didn’t even try to deny it.

    That is a problem. This feature (i.e., sales incentive), certainly benefits those who can afford a new S or X, but those who sell or purchase used vehicles third party are being taken advantage of. It’s highly unethical (and without precedent).
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    I just want to say a big “thank you” to all who are reaching out. You aren’t alone! And you can still love these vehicles, and celebrate the myriad things Tesla does right, while also demanding to be treated ethically and with respect. In fact, I see it as a civic duty to stand up to companies in these moments and call them forward, to greater transparency, honesty and integrity.

    Happy Holidays to all. I look forward to us continuing to gain traction on this issue of third party resale transparency, regarding Free Unlimited Supercharging, as we move in 2020.

    [Do not be ashamed, and ignore any suggestions of this being unnecessarily litigious or “ambulance chasing” (both are patently absurd, the second in particular doesn’t even fit the definition). Stand up for your very important, expensive purchase and all that you’re entitled too. Stand with me.

    I love virtually everything about my 2018 X P100D and I hope to drive this vehicle for many years to come.
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    Yeah, right, the 'bump' of your message isn't attorney marketing on the forum? Professional obfuscation at best, lying in reality. Troll..
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    @Bighorn and @erin are you sure about the pre-17 FUSC transferring? I was told it was changed to only transfer to the next owner (so even if a '15 was purchased private party, it would only transfer to the buyer and was no longer tied to the vehicle/transferrable to subsequent owners). Any "grandfathered" in FUSC that was purchased used and registered after early or mid 2018 have either been reduced to the "credits" or have had their supercharging changed to non transferable. The only semi-concrete infomation I have was from a forum post of a tesla reply regarding the registration however. Am I incorrect? I've tried to reach out to tesla as well as look into it myself, but I have not gotten a real answer.
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