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Building a Solar System

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Hello everyone,

Posting on here for maybe some direction for research and advice. I've looked into building an in-grid solar set-up for some time now, I'm about to break ground on my new home which is in Florida in an unincorporated part of my county. I was thinking of starting out really small, rounding up a few used panels, getting an inverter and having the power company come out to switch my power meter to accept the produced energy. My neighbor is an electrician who said he'd help me get going on the project and I'm pretty handy myself.

Does anyone see an issue with this approach? I plan on adding panels gradually and then eventually get a powerwall or two as it would make a great substitute to having a generator for storms. I've been fascinated with how well Tesla has done with energy and thermal management and I'm currently waiting for my invite to configure the M3.


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    You live in a State that is outstanding for solar, and your plan to go solar with Powerwall is a good direction. I live in Washington State and installed a 13.2 kWh solar system in 2012. We produce 182% of our electricity needs in all electric home with two EVs (MS and M3) and have been trying to get a PW2 installation for ~3 years. Tesla-Energy is a bit behind in some parts of the country, but I hope to get the PW2 installation in the next several months. We did our solar installation in two phases, starting with 9.84 kWh (41 panels) and adding 3.36 kWh ~ 6 months later (14 panels). We overbuilt, as I sized my system before we did weatherization retrofits to our 1986 built home. You are starting with new home, so hopefully will not have to worry about how well your home is insulated. I can't comment about doing it yourself, but you should be able to add to your system later. There is a bit of permitting required for net metering, and I have heard that Florida is way behind in accepting and promoting rooftop solar. I wish you luck, and you will absolutely love your M3 when you get it. We have had ours for six weeks, and couldn't be happier. We also love our solar system, and our home was certified as a net zero home by the International Living Future Institute in 2016.
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    @Tesla-David Thanks for the input. FPL is the power company in my area, i've read up on their net metering conditions and if your system is less than 10kw it seems to be easy to get a pass by them, gets trickier if you go more than that. Fortunately there was an amendment shot down in Florida (Nov 2016) that could have made getting solar even more difficult. If you're at 13.2Kw and are producing excess with 2 EV's sounds like <10kw would probably do it for me!
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