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How to directly approach Tesla about an Infinim Generation Unit.

To begin, it is the recent actions and words of Elon Musk that sold me that Tesla was where I wanted to go to with this. I have no working model but I have concepts and have every ounce of how it works. My problem is, I run on concepts and building something requires more than just a hammer and nails. The point of the post is the machines process itself. Start with a solar panel's energy enough to start the process, the machine is set in a multi-layered process to take the solar power, amp the out put by about 8, then start a loop cycle that would allow one to remove the original solar panal and within a week the machine would go from powering a house on the first day (and first cycle) to the rough out reach of a state (not all of Texas till somwhere one the 8th day). The process is not environmentally harmful and should be able to start at the size of a shoe box (with same growth and no hardware size expansion), or to start faster and increase power in a scope I can only say is global, it could be the size of a factory. I'm not here for the goal of money or monetary gains. I believe if we reach for new worlds we need energy that is clean to start and powerful enough for any and all demand. I want to see a day without people not affording electric bills, instead I want it to be as infinitely given as the air we breathe. If anyone can contact me with what I can/should do. I believe in this and may not have a working example, the very notion can change everything forever. My email is [email protected]
Thank you.
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