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Customise options explanation?

With the app version 3.3.3 and PW firmware 1.15.0 we appear to have a new timer based control.

I tried "Cost Saving" and duly entered the cheap electricity timings.

The PW, which was fully discharged at the time, started charging from the grid at the beginning of the cheap rate window but only at 2kW and then after 30 minutes the rate dropped to 700W, finally stopping charging when the SoC reached 10%.

Today I thought I would try "Balanced" which exposed a slightly different issue. During the day the PV was strong enough to show an export but whereas before the PW was pretty good at mopping up the excess, now it consistently showed an import of ~220W i.e. the inverter was grabbing too much.

I'll continue playing with the settings but has anyone else received any fuller instructions on the expected outcome of these new settings other than the rather short comments on the app ?


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