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WiFi Connection At Home

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I have just received my first Tesla, a model X and so far I mostly love it. The only issue I have is that I cannot get it to connect to my home WiFi. So, this leads to two questions ...

First, how important is it to connect to home WiFi? The engineer in me sees this as a problem to be solved, so I don't know if I can let it go even if it is not important, but was just wondering if it was something that I should pursue diligently.

Second, I have read the multiple threads about WiFi connection problems and wonder about a few things ...

1. Where can I get the exact specification for connecting to WiFi for MY car.
Mode/Frequency: 802.11 B (2.4 Ghz) ?? G (2.4 Ghz) ?? N (2.4 Ghz) ?? AC (5.0 Ghz) ??
Security: WPA-Personal ?, WPA2-Personal?
I hear there is a newer WiFi chipset for newer Tesla models that supports 802.11 AC. Is this confirmed? How can I tell if I have it?

2. Is there any way to get any information about what is failing? From what hints of what I have read in places, there are three tiers of connecting to WiFi with the Tesla.
First, the tesla must connect to the local WiFi network (radios must connect and security checks must pass)
Seconds, the tesla must make an internet connection (e.g. DHCP must assign an address and there must be a gateway to the internet)
Finally, the tesla must be able to send and receive UDP packets from the mothership somewhere with possibly long delays between packets
Is there a way to tell what is failing?

I have setup an 802.11 wireless router in the garage six feet from the car, running 2.4 Ghz in legacy mode to support B/G clients, with WPA security (also tried WPA-2 and open) and it still does not connect. Is the next step taking it back to the service center?



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    Try calling Tesla tech support at 8777983752 they should be able to walk you thru on how to set it up. Good Luck
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    1) It's not all that important for WiFi. Originally, OTA updates were supposed to be prioritized to those with WiFi, but so far that doesn't appear to be active yet.

    2) With a vehicle manufactured in or after March-2018, it comes with a new MCU2 (which has a new WiFi chip). There have been reports that it doesn't quite work yet, so I'd wait for the next OTA. It may be 2-8 weeks or so. I don't think it's worth trying to fix with the current software. You do want WPA2, but WPA will work. WEP is smartly not supported.

    Here's a lot more on Tesla's WiFi and a troubleshooting guide I wrote:
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