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PowerWall - Wire size AWG

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I am planning to install a Powerwall within the next year.
There is not much space around my electrical panel. I will have to put the power wall quite a distance away (40ft).
I have a chance right now to run some cables before putting drywall up.

What wire gage should I put in for 1 or 2 powerwalls?

Thank you


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    I'm not an electrician, so use this information at your own risk - be sure to verify as requirements vary depending on you location. For example in Arizona due to high ambient temps you are required to upsize some conductors from the normal chart values.

    So with one powerwall able to deliver 7500 watts peak (31.25 amps at 240 volts), and 5000 watts continuous (20.8 amps at 240 volts), you would need minimum #10 wire THHN - rated for 30 amps. For two powerwalls #6 THHN is rated up to 65 amps at 75°C so it will do the job. Your run under 50 feet should meet these ratings. Be sure to consider the wire length not the straight line distance between the panel and the device.
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