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8600 install cost on 2 powerwall 2's via swell energy

Received an email from my the local solar company that installed my solar system referring me to a company called Swell Energy who as far as i can tell handles and guarantees the spig refund for you and partners with local installers for installation.

was quoted 21818 for 2 powerwall 2's installed.
they estimated:
-6500 tax credit
-9280 sgip (my area is still on tier 1 according to swell)

=5994 net cost

The net cost is attractive, but that leaves 8600 (21818-6600*2) for total install costs, which seems extreme. Tesla's website advertises 800-2000 install cost. I called them for a quote and they wouldn't give me a quote but said over the phone that they only charge up to 2000 on systems that need trenching and electrical upgrades, and that each additional powerwall would add 200 to the install cost.

I can't in principle pay 8600 for work that can be done in a day, or even 2 or 3 days unless you're an attorney or surgeon. I was a residential contractor for 10 years, i will never pay someone 1000/hr to work on my home. Tesla's price seems much more reasonable.

Is the sgip really that hard to apply for yourself? Apparently Tesla doesn't process the sgip rebate for you. Also, the Tesla Energy rep said that the powerwall 2 is backordered to Q3 or Q4.


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    I was quoted 24k!!! for 2 power walls in Bradenton Florida by a 3rd party installer. Seems extremely expensive!
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    @justin_b, where do you live? It helps to know where one lives in describing their experiences. I live in Edmonds, WA, and have never heard of Swell Energy. After a 3 year wait for my PW2 installation, I would love to be where you are right now with a firm cost proposal.
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    You should probably double-check the ITC portion with a tax lawyer. The more conservative way to do it is to apply the SGIP first and take the ITC on the rest so you aren't double-dipping. My impression is Swell tries really hard to get as much of the incentives as they can into their own pockets. Given that Tesla does installs for as little as $900, $8600 seems a little high.
  • @tesla-david Location is cental coast of California.
    @cw_tesla agreed, that was my impression as well. The more questions I asked, the more aggressive they got. They really were trying to sound like a non profit founded by environmentalalists. I almost laughed out loud when they told me the price.
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    After months of gathering information and waiting for my 2 powerwalls, Tesla came back and quoted me $4K to install the powerwalls. Where I wanted them installed was 2 feet from my breaker box, no trenching or electrical upgrades. That price is way too high, and I canceled the order. For 20K, I can get a propane generator with 1000 gallon tank, automatic switch installed. This battery only lasts for 10 years. Disappointing, I would have jumped if they would have quoted a reasonable install fee.
  • You need to possibly double-test the ITC component with a tax attorney. The extra conservative manner to do it's far to apply the SGIP first and take the ITC at the relaxation so you are not double-dipping. My influence is Swell attempts in reality tough to get as a lot of the incentives as they could into their personal wallet. Given that Tesla does installs for as low as $900, $8600 appears a little high.
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    Maybe thats the price for 2 powerwalls ONLY. Do you need an upsized panel? Larger service? Inverter? $8000+ in labor is absurd in its entirety. Any idea what you could have done for $8000? Not me.
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    My install costs were $2k for two-PW2 installation last June by my solar installer (A&R solar) with no trenching or electrical panel upgrades in Edmonds, WA. I understand that I got an exceptionally good deal, and that installation costs now would be greater than the $2k for a PW2 installation..
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    I had a similar experience with a 3rd party installer in the Bay Area. Was looking for someone with SGIP credits, and could only find one company that was willing to add powerwalls to my existing solar system. They wanted something like $6-8k to install, so net it was going to be about $1500 cheaper than Tesla after SGIP. They said they had no idea how Tesla could afford to install them for so little, that they must be losing money on the install. I told them they could stuff it, and I didn't appreciate them using the SGIP credits that are meant to accelerate the adoption of this technology to simply enrich themselves. Tesla will be doing the install.
  • I didn't even look at third party installers. I went to the Tesla store and gave my info, the salesmen called me, we did the paperwork and three months later I was up and running. Two Powerwalls and 33 solar panels. The price was fair and I feel I got a good deal. The installers know what they are doing, unlike some of the third party installers I have heard stories about.
  • Tesla does install as low as $900, $8600. But where we went they are requesting us to pay more and we got doubt so when I tried again with Tesla installer I got a good deal of following $900, $8600
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