2010 Roadster Electronic Group

Does anyone know what the "Electronic Group" option included for a 2010 Roadster? the Monroney sticker listed this as a $3000.00 option but I can't find anything about this anywhere.


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    Question: The Tesla sign says "Tesla / General Parking" - is this a grey area where the spots are actually general parking spots as well? Kinda defeats the point if true & if not we need better parking rule enforcement for electric charging spots.
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    To the original question on 2010 Roadster Electronics Group
    - Upgraded Head Unit with Navigation + 30-pin iPod/iPhone cable (standard package had USB port, which was more flexible)
    - External Amplifier
    - 7 speakers instead of 4 (2 tweeters in the doors & subwoofer added)
    - Sirus XM Tuner
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