Additional Key Fob Cost

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Tesla charged $240 for an extra key (fob) but they originally said it was only $130 over the phone. Yes, the tech going out to you is free but his labor is $150/hour when he gets there. That little detail was omitted. :(


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    If one wants an extra fob why is it delivered, and delivered via a technician rather than USPS, UPS, or FedEx?

    I think there must be more to your story than you are telling us.
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    The car needs to present to configure the fob.
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    *be present
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    Just what JayInJapan said, the FOB needs to be programmed to your car and they both have to be near each other. The technician removed a panel under the screen and attached one end of a cable to the car and the other end to his laptop. He mentioned that the Model S pairs right away but the Model X usually requires several attempts.
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    So there is more to the story. It requires a technician to pair the fob to the car, it's not something that an owner can do like pairing their smartphone.

    Thanks for explaining the whole story.
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    I lost the key fob to my wife's 2015 BMW 428. Replacement keys from BMW are $634. The parts girl told me the digital key fobs are over $1000 Grrr.
    This just makes me hate established car makers even more.
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    About 6 months ago my dog ate my wife's Model X key fob. Yes, really. Later, the Tesla Tech was at my house on a different, minor matter. New fob was $125.00, programmed. When I got my last Prius, in 2009, they quoted $350 for a new one.
  • A lot changed from 2018. I got new fob for MX, coz I lost one they charged me $165+tax
  • Note that the optional key fob for Model 3/Y can be associated with the car by the owner, no technician required.
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