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Hi all, been shopping around for Solar the last few weeks. Looking to produce/generate ~7,000 - 8,000 kWh annually. Tesla initially quoted ~$4.20 per kWh, $20,816 for a system size of 4.875 kWh with a production of 7,991 kWh per year. I shared with them some competitor's quotes (SunRun, Sunworks, couple mom and pops) and for the exact same system they quoted earlier, they came back at ~$3.42 per kWh, $16,653 Total, a 20% discount to the initial quote!

This seems like a really great deal. More expensive then some of the smaller companies, but high efficiency panels, backed by Tesla and their warranty. What do you all think?


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    I went with Tesla because of the value-proposition you seem to also appreciate. The warranty seems like a better overall value than competitors. But helpful to get those price comparisons so that they will attempt to price-match. :)

    Then you get the good products at a better price. Labor costs vary from state to state, region to region. I'm not sure your area, but you may be able to get them to come down to $3.30 / kWh for the 325W panels. Or course, the tariffs might also have raised prices too.
  • Yea I also got them to price-match at $3.40 per Watt here in Boston for the exact same size system. I had my site survey last weekend, hoping to get it installed before the Massachusetts incentives change this summer. Solar is an amazing deal right now. I’m only estimated to get 5764 kWh per year, but with all the rebates the payoff period is less than 4 years!
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    I would recommend going with Tesla in a heartbeat, but had my solar system installed in 2012. We are slatted to get PW2 installation next month from Tesla-Energy. We paid $83k in 2012 for !3.2 kWh system in Edmonds, WA, but with net metering, Federal rebates, and other WA state incentives our solar system will be paid off in full next year. The cost of solar has really gone down, but have no regrets about installing earlier, and have been Net Positive over last 5+ years, producing more electricity than we use to power our all electric home, and charge our 2 EVs (MS and M3).
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    Tesla-dave i also live in washington and have been getting smart on the solar issue. I have to put a new roof on in 2-3 years and thought the tesla roof looked like just the thing. The issue is they are not in washington. What system did you install
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    Last post-er what was the YouTube video about? I shut it off 3mins in
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    Beware spam bots that copy from posts further up and then add a link they want you to click on. They're quite common around here. Note that all the content from that post comes from earlier posts.
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    I recently got a quote from Tesla too. I am shopping around as well to see if they are worth it. I am looking for a small system (3.5KW) and i have found that some other companies have better priced offers but may lack on some warranty things. I haven't decided, but i will be talking to Tesla about the quotes i have received, and if they can match, i may just go with them
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    12K quote. Fresno
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