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Power outage in Puerto Rico

News just now reporting power outage throughout Puerto Rico for 24-36 hours. Would like to seem some press as to how Tesla powerwall (or other power configuration) installations are doing…for example at the Children’s Hospital.


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    I live in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. My PowerWall 2 installation was started on April 16, and the guys came back to finish on April 18 ... the day of the power outage. Since the grid was down, the installers had to jump start the PW with the battery from my garden tractor. LOL
    Since the grid was down, we left the PW breakers off until the next day, when we could start charging from solar. Power came back on around 2am April 19.
    Haven't seen any news about how the Tesla installation at Children's Hospital did during the outage.
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    I live in Guaynabo, PR. I installed 4 Powerwall batteries attached to a 27,720 watts system on my house and it was as if nothing happened. I have been extremely happy since the install. Since the completion of the system install on March 26th I have experienced 3 blackouts and the system has worked seamlessly on each of them.
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    @raybentz & @nicupr, great to hear your PW2 success stories. I hope the power comes back soon to Puerto Rico. You guys have really suffered way too long.
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    @tesla-david @raybentz & @nicupr: How does the graph on the Tesla app shows for home consumption using self-powered mode? Mine goes up to 6kw+ and goes to 0 and up again... The Powerwall shows the same pattern only that it goes to charge then up again. Any idea if this is normal behavior? I am from Camuy, PR.
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    I created a facebook group for powerwalls in Puerto Rico.
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