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2020 Roadster - the suspense is killing me, and it is only 2018

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I know I'm going to have to wait another 2 to 3 years for my new Roadster, but the suspense is killing me! :) It is only April of 2018. I keep waffling over keeping my reservation vs. "how much retirement savings is this going to cost me?" Waiting is going to be a difficult struggle for the next couple of years. How do we pass the time? I only have a base series reservation, not a Founders Series, so I'll have to see the first approx. 1000 come off the line until mine arrives. I wired my reservation deposit on the first business day after the surprise night of the reveal at the Semi event, so I hope I'm one of the first ones once the base models start rolling off the assembly line.

How is everybody else doing? I wish we had more to talk about for the new Roadster. Come on, Tesla. Throw us a bone! Tell us something new about the Roadster. I'm in love.


  • I'd be happy if they invite us to any event when we can see, for the first time at least for me. I'd buy the ticket to CA! :D
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    I Google 2020 Tesla Roadster at least once a day and see the same old photos, but no more real facts, usually. I also wired 50K (Monday after the Thursday reveal) for a base Roadster. I feel the same as you, I want more info and an invite or something. Thinking about getting the car is exciting, but I want more stuff to look at and facts to consider. Two years more waiting?
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    I check often as well. There is a page of different colors, totally unofficial, but interesting. Have you seen that? What color would you pick for yours? I might pick yellow if they had it.
  • It would be awesome if they invite people with orders to witness their car being built just like Ford does with their GT. That would be my #2 ticket to CA.
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    I went to the Tesla Gallery in Austin over the weekend because they finally got a Model 3 for people to get their hands on, but not drive. While talking to several of the Tesla employees there, I talked to one guy who seemed to know a little bit about the new Roadster. I don't know if he was just screwing with me, but he did at least toss me a bone about where the assembly line will be. I don't want to spread unconfirmed rumors, but if true, once Tesla is ready to officially reveal the assembly location, it will be interesting.

    It would be very cool if we could get an invite to see our Roadster getting assembled.
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    Color? Black probably, although I might do red if the red is like Fusion Red in the old Roadster. I don't like metallic red or maroon. I don't want white. I don't want blue or yellow or silver or green. So black or red, but I need to see the colors.
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    Here is something for you. Could be the same car that was in display at the unveiling event.
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    Yes, that may very well be the other Roadster that was on display during the unveiling from 2 distinctive differences of it vs. the red one.

    1. It looks like it does have the windshield wiper, but it is a little difficult to see with the low resolution and the reflections of all the overhead lights.

    2. It also has the slightly different wheel design vs. the red one that they were driving. The mini-picture of my reservation shows wheels similar to what was on the red one.
  • I think we should start a 2020 Roadster moral support group so we can manage the 2 years ahead and stay sane.
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    It is now April of 2019. One more year to go. I am so excited I can not help checking in as I browse my e-mails in the morning. Color wise, I am between red or white. I have a white S 85 and my wife has a white SUV, so three white cars in the four car garage will look pretty good. I would also pay to visit the assembly or pay to test drive. Tires and wheels will be a huge issue if they are to be designed for high torque and up to 250 miles an hour. I do not plan to see how fast it will go, however it is nice to know we are driving the fastest street car in the world. Hang in there friends.
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