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Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists



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    @SCC, I'm shocked that the Trump Administration hasn't deleted that page.
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    @rxlawdude. Don't think they understood the paper. Perhaps Remant, Should_I or massimob30 are their science editors
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    One thing I don't understand when it comes to climate change deniers is that they claim that CO2 fluctuation always happened in the history of Earth. But even climate change scientists agree with this, the alarming difference though are those CO2 graphs, showing rapid increase of CO2 above 400ppm since the Industrial Revolution. There is no denying of that. It's pure visualization of measured values.
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    @grabapencil. They cherry pick statements and then jump to conclusions. CO2 levels and temperatures may have been higher in the past. But that was way before humans existed. These present CO2 levels are higher than ever seen in human existence. Also there have been 5 major extinctions. We may be entering the 6th. High CO2 levels, higher temps, rising sea levels whether man made or natural are not good for our continued survival. So we should at least address the part that is induced by man.
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    The scientists that have denied man made Climate Disruption have been proven to use flawed data(the 3%) and/or there are those paid by fossil fuel interests to obfuscate the conclusions of the obvious. IMO paid to lie.
    Luckily the world and most Americans are not fooled. Besides what is wrong with clean air, water free of lead, mercury and other toxins, land to enjoy for recreation like fishing, hunting, exploring and protecting watersheds, and creating jobs in a new industry.
    To me its a no-brainier. By far the dumbest thing to do is to keep burning fossil fuels as it isn't necessary.
    Perhaps some are suicidal or wishing for an Armageddon to prove some crazy point of view. I saw Limbaugh's name come up with another insane conspiracy theory and I hope he is not using Oxycontin again; his worshipers might not be thinking clearly.
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    On totaling an EV due to flooding (or an ICE car), ignoring mechanical components that may rust or corrode:

    1) Mold alone may total the car - very hard to remove. Depends on how long the car is in water and how quickly the car is dried out.

    2) Corrosion of the electrical connectors, wires, and electronics - this often causes strange intermittents and failures months after the car is seemingly repaired.

    3) Damage to electronic modules - there are typically 30-80 of these modules throughout the car. Any that are flooded would have to be replaced.

    Now an EV's battery pack seems to be able to handle a brief dip in a flood. If left for any prolonged period and/or deeply submerged, water may intrude. It is not designed to be a submarine and water pressure may break through the seals.
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    << On totaling an EV due to flooding ... Mold alone may total the car ... Corrosion of the electrical connectors, wires, and electronics often causes strange [intermittent failures], months after the car is seemingly repaired ... Damage to electronic modules ... >>

    With Harvey, car flood damage has reached car manufacturing with issues of prevention. It is clearly unacceptable to lose millions of cars to floods and high water. Flood damage prevention should be made available, at least as an option, by all car manufacturers.

    Range Rovers, Jeeps, and some military variants have provided the pioneering innovations in this area, but much more needs to be done. We should call on Tesla to rise to the challenge and provide the next step in this direction.
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    " Flood damage prevention should be made available, at least as an option, by all car manufacturers."

    When auto manufacturers make boats, you'll have your solution.
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    You know what the gist of this thread is? I'll tell you. There are just too many damn people in this world. And they tend to congregate where they shouldn't. So, if we can just rid of all of those damn people, then the earth will be saved!

    Meanwhile, let's check out some data. What is the big scare about global warming? The earth will heat up and melt the Arctic ice, thus drowning everybody near the coast. Well, let's take a look at the Arctic.

    As of 05 SEP 2017, the NSIDC Arctic ice extent stands at 4.771 X 10^6 km2. This is 529,000 km2 ABOVE this date last year. It is also 279,000 km2 above 2015 on the same date. It doesn't appear the Arctic ice is cooperating with you global warming worshippers!

    The Arctic temperature is currently as normal as it can be.

    And, the Greenland ice has ended up near 150 gigatons above the 1981-2010 mean at the end of the melt season!

    As much as you global warming worshippers want to believe it, the data just does not show any global warming alarm!
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    Mitch. You forgot to read the last paragraph of your Greenland link where they discuss those mysterious 200 Gigaton ice loss to calving.

    "For an ice sheet that neither grows or shrinks, there is at all points averaged over the year a balance between

    the amount of snow that falls and is compressed to ice
    the amount of snow and ice that melts or evaporates (sublimates) and
    the amount of ice that flows away due to the ice motion
    The two first contributions make up the surface mass balance. For the ice sheet as a whole, there is a balance between the surface mass balance and the amount of ice that calves into the ocean as icebergs.

    If climate changes, the surface mass balance may change such that it no longer matches the calving and the ice sheet can start to gain or lose mass. This is important to keep track of, since such a mass loss will lead to global sea level rise. As mentioned, satellites measuring the ice sheet mass have observed a loss of around 200 Gt/year over the last decade.

    Greenland Climate Research Centre collaborates with DMI on research in both atmospheric impact on the Greenland Ice Sheet and the ice flow itself and its interaction with the rest of the climate system."

    Also for your Arctic temps try plug in every for the last decade and you will also see that summer temps are no different but the winters can be 20 degrees warmer. Facts are terrible things Mitch. looks like your flood didn't teach you anything.
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    @SCCRENDO +100 Great explanation. Not too much science needed to understand.
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    @Mike. Thanks

    Even Foxnews thinks climate change may be playing a role in these severe hurricanes. Come on Mitch and friends. Time to hop on board.
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    How long can they deny reality? It is going to cost more and more.
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    Speaking of costs there is a good analysis (reminiscing) about Who pays for the effects of Climate Disruption?
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    Why don't we find out who is causing these negative climate changes and make them stop?
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    Im with Mitch. I do not worship the gods of Global warming. Luke(bb0tin) I am your father(dofpic)
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    Since when did climate change become a political advocacy issue?

    Hell, when did our planet's climate become...political?!
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    Go to Florida and tell everyone 'there have been hurricanes before, and there is no need to evacuate... these models that predict Irma's path are notorious for their inaccuracy'. I pity sad little ignoramuses like you man. I cannot believe the greatest country on this planet has dudes like you running around. Seriously. :-)

    Also, you should get together with your boyfriend Mitch. Watching you try to ingratiate yourself to him while he continually suspects you of being whatsyourname is so funny!
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    @Red, the opinions of the poorly educated are easily swayed by shiny objects. That's why most GOP is anti-intellectual and anti-education.

    Did you see what deVos did today?
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    No, been very very busy today. Just now I am getting to unwind. I don't think I have any interest in looking at more conservative dumbassery tonight though! :-)
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    @Uncle Paul. We found out. It's the Koch brothers, the fossil fuel companies, the automakers, many Republican congressman, and people like you Uncle Paul. Now tell me how to make you guys stop.
    @Dofpic. you worship the god of unsubstantiated denial.
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    Jose is another one. Hard to believe so many strong ones. I hope they have good escape plans and places to be safe.
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