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Houston was warned by scientists but called them alarmists



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    I'm glad you're ok, Mitch. :-)
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    @bean, we're all glad Mitch is okay. Stuff can be replaced.

    That doesn't mean we all are on the same page with Mitch's worldview, and he seems to enjoy the reparte.
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    Mitch says he can support himself. "...send not to know for whom the bell tolls..."

    And, nonetheless, his acolytes are amazingly silent on

    ...Mitch's accepting gummint cheese after hating helping others

    ...and on the likelihood of stronger storms predicted by Anthropogenic Climate Change.
    ...and on the prevarication that FEMA is the only source of flood insurance
    ...and on...
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    And sabby the psycho babbler goes on and on and on!

    Thank you lilbean! Construction crew gutted my first floor. Today they applied an anti-microbial spray around the floor. Powerful stuff - had to wear my mask!!

    Concerning the true free market value of my home and flood insurance, I have no friggin' idea what that might be. For all I know, it could be less. And I don't think you have any friggin' idea about my home and flood insurance either Captain Planet and Hellasmarter Dude!
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    "For all I know, they could go down"

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Yes, in your bizzarro conservative bubble world, if risk is high, insurance rates actually go down, not up. Please don't try to start your own business Mitch. You will bankrupt yourself. kinda like Trump did, four times :-)

    Tell you what, if you really think the rates might go down, you should be mad at Trump. He reversed any possibility of reforming the flood insurance.

    Oh, how embarrassing it must be for you to admit Trump is actually doling out big government assistance, eh Mitch?
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    @Welfare_Mitch. I think we understood and I'm glad you have flood insurance and the government is sorting it out and you and your Tesla are safe.. It just amuses us all that a libertarian and climate change denier gets to the front of the welfare line.
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    Rush and Hannity said masks are for pointed headed libruls. Real americans breath in those fumes deeply.
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    @welfare-cheese. It tolls for thee.
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    Hey Better Red Than Dead, I already tried a start up restaurant business in the early-mid 1990s. LOST MY ASS!!! I did keep my weather job thank goodness. That period of my life was my economic catastrophe. I just started all over with my investments and put some of my income, little by little into the S&P500. Ben Stein says to by SPDRs till the day you die! Since then, my house is paid off and I own a Tesla! So, I recovered financially.

    Now, I got a natural catastrophe to deal with. Compared to others, I got off pretty easy. 3 inches of flood water came into my house. Did a lot of damage, but nothing like several feet of flood water. The guy who is in charge of repairing my house had 5 feet of flood water damage in his home! He said when he was able to get back to his house, he saw his refrigerator floating on its side in his living room! He didn't have flood insurance unfortunately. But since he is in the construction business, he knew what he had to do to get his house livable again. My wife and I are giving him some of our furniture and appliances that sat in a few inches of floodwater. We are getting everything replaced downstairs because we have flood insurance! By the way, our outdoor A/C units sat in 7 inches of floodwater. I shut the power off before the water got to them. After the floodwaters receded, I turned the A/C on. Fortunately, the A/C units (condensers) are still working!

    I claimed damages to my appliances, but not a loss. It will be interesting to see how much FEMA will cover the appliances. I hope we can replace everything and give away our old stuff. We claimed a total loss on our furniture. The construction guy has our big sectional couch. Allstate was able to help me out some. Private insurance doesn't cover flood, but they were able to help me out in other ways, and for that I've been most grateful!

    By the way Better Red Than Dead, 60cc SamO, and Captain Planet, how in the heck do you know what my flood risk is? I never have flooded before in my 60 years! You have no basis to believe that I am in a subsidized high-risk flood area when my subdivision never has flooded during the 31 years I've lived here! Goofy liberals!
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    Yep, suck that federal taxpayer dry while whining about big, bad gubmint.
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    "I never have flooded before in my 60 years! "

    But you did get flooded Blanche. You did. Not just you, others who were in suppposed '500 year flood zones'.

    Do you think an insurer, having looked at the recent events LOWER their rates when it goes to true market? From the subsidized, artificially lower rates that your Trump is doling out currently?

    Of course you do, Mitch. :-)
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    You keep your weather job because you only need to predict 24 hours in advance. That's not thinking, that knowing how to work a thermometer.

    Now weathermen aren't always portrayed as the sharpest tool's in the box, but Mitch is digging a deep hole for his fellow Brick Tamlands:

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    @Welfare-MItch. Plug in your address and see if you are at flood risk
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    Here is a good article about a particular flood-prone area in Houston. Check the next to the last paragraph. A lady in Meyerland Plaza pays $5400.00 annually for her flood insurance!

    Now do you sanctimonious liberals believe me when I say that the FEMA flood insurance program sets their premiums based on flood risk? Flood risk varies considerably across Harris County, Texas. Personally, I would like to see the FEMA Flood Insurance program privatized!
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    @Wrelfare_Mitch. If you weren't subsidized by the government it would have cost you a heluva lot more. You got your government cheese.
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    Hey, Mitch, I TOTALLY agree that FEMA's flood protection be privatized. With the proviso that you get what that private company deigns is your claim recovery and that FEMA will be prohibited from spending one dollar of taxpayer's money on any relief aid.

    You know, since the big bad gubmint is such a nasty thing.
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    Captain Planet, you have no idea whatsoever if I would pay a heluva lot more like Hellasmarter Dude would say. My subdivision has never flooded before. My flood insurance rate will probably go up now! But I was able to secure one more year at $425.00. Now, is that subsidized for my case? I have no idea. But FEMA flood insurance is only one of myriads of government programs that need to be privatized!
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    Pole houses or riverboats might be the next developers slogans. Houseboats can be fun.
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    Captain Planet, I am neither in a high or moderate risk for flood based on that flood risk site you posted.
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    @MitchP85D (September 16, 2017)

    << Captain Planet, you have no idea whatsoever if I would pay a heluva lot more like Hellasmarter Dude would say. >>

    This allegedly South African impostor is obviously a Progressive/Socialist mole engaged in a furious, hyperactive, corrosive, anti-conservative posting campaign. If you parse his posts, you realize he's not just an AGW worshiper, but also a supporter of the Top American Crime Family, of Transgender Propaganda, of Socialized Medicine, of any and all anti-Trump trends, and of all his brothers in arms on these Forums. Incapable of truth or reason, he responds to criticisms only by spewing his vicious name-calling and Progressive/Socialist venom against the authors.

    If you add to this his clumsy orthography and awkward English grammar, it is reasonable to suspect that English was not his mother tongue and perhaps not even his college language. He's not a scientist by any measure, but is he even a genuine physician?

    Bottom line? Captain Planet appears to be a callous, unaccountable, self-aggrandizing fraudster, defending any and all anti-American causes he happen to spy along his bizarre and nasty path.
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    Article seems to be more about the fault in building in a flood plane than about Climate changes. Climate change advocates remind me of Bear Grillis. Every animal he comes across is the most Dangerous creature on the planet every environment he steps off the plane into is the worst environment imaginable to man. Every Storm is the worst one ever recorded, Every high is the Highest one in History as long as it is within 80 or so years or the end of the last mini Ice age around 1700. Except 80 years ago we did not have the tech to determine actual strengths of storms like we can now. Now we can warn people of impending storms. Even those that build at or below Seal Level. Whether or not people heed the warning is another item.

    Scientists have been warning Californians of an impending Earthquake that could lay waste to everything West and in proximity to he San Andrea's fault line. Not many listening there but I'm sure when it happens Donald Trump, Republicans and Global warming will some how be the cause.
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    Or better yet eandmjep, Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord will lead to the Apocalypse!

    Mr. Remnant sir, I think you and I have two different perspectives of Captain Planet. You think there is something particularly disdainful about Captain Planet. I think he is your plain 'ol average, ordinary, typical, common, mainstream liberal democrat!

    Think about it. I would surmise that 95-99% of all democrat party supporters agree with everything Captain Planet spouts off! And yes, that is a huge problem for America!
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    Artic ice has lost most of its its old ice reached record lows. Is Nasa wrong and weatherman Mitch right?
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    @leeramer. +100
    @eandmjep. Like most climate change deniers you miss the point. The factors involved in hurricane damage are multifactorial. Yes there was no environmental regulation in where people could build in Houston as occurs under Republicans and of course our president is trying to roll back oversight. So houses are built in flood plains and in wetlands where water would naturally drain . However hurricanes become more intense with global warming particularly ocean warming. Higher sea levels increase the risk of flooding
    Sachs: Big Oil will have to pay up, like Big Tobacco
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    Hey Remnant. Did you take your meds this weekend? Are you upset with Trump hanging out with Chuck and Nancy?
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