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Powerwall learns how to social interact with the public

Would it be nice to have both a 120 @ 20 amps, and a 120 @ 30 amp plugs on them just like any generator. And 5 USB's @ 15 watts, anything to draw a crowd to energy.

It plugs familiarity into the next generation.

Another next step is going opposing sine wave Powerwalls in twins @ 240 volt. Just take my money. It works in legacy sticks & bricks USA.

The physics scale on both legs.

Honda did this in 1998, in their generators.


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    I believe the solar panels act as the generator. The PowerWall acts as the battery. The standard method of wiring the PW to the home electrical panel affords you all those outlets the house already has.
    But wouldn't it be nice if it also did the dishes?
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