Tesla Drivers group activity?

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Hi - returned to IL after 2 years in Austin! Have an early VIN Model S and wondering if any real active forums for Tesla Owners in Chicago?
If not, what's the medium of choice - Facebook? Google groups? TMC? Meetup? I'd like to get some activity going - in Central Texas, the group is very active and helpful.

I posted this on the Tesla Drivers Group on Meetup as well...


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    Sorry, none that I know of and, as you can see by the lack of responses in 2 weeks, not much going on here.

    TMC has a fair number of Chicagoland users but no group. Several users will give autopilot updates (but that isn't useful to you).

    There are now quite a lot of Tesla owners in the northshore. Its likely way different than 2 years ago for you. There are so many Teslas its not quite exclusive or rare and thus I think the community aspect is gone. Maybe a false impression. At any rate, my local Tesla location, Tesla Highland Park, has hosted some great social events for owners. My family attended one with catered food and those little Tesla mini cars for the kids. I think that might be more of what you're looking for. Check out the emails or contact a Owners Advisor for the information. I think one just happened earlier this month but I was busy.
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    Actually there is a Chicago Tesla Owners group. The link to join is below. The group plans several meet-ups or road trips throughout the year.
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    The Tesla Chicago Meetup group is a bit more active late spring and through the summer. Things seem to quite down once fall arrives.
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