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Tesla / Solar City cannot deliver a simple drawing and cannot keep commitments

I have ordered solar panels and 2 batteries from Tesla on Sep 30, unfortunately, I had the most horrific experience ever. It has been 6 weeks, and still no designs. First, Tesla told me that the surveyor did a bad job and had to redo it, then for 6 times, I got bad jobs from designers, and after 4 iterations, I still have nothing. The designers are sooooo bad that even my 10 years old daughter could have done a better job: 1st rendering had wrong number of panels, i.e. 6 instead of 9 - 2nd rendering had no panels at all - 3rd rendering had panels that are not centered - 4th rendering had panels layed out vertically instead of horizontall. It has been 10 days that I am waiting for 5th iteration and still nothing. Sales are not responding. Customer support takes 48 hours to respond. Escalations to CS manager on 2 occasions result in promises of "manager will call you back later today" but I get no calls. PLEASE HELP!!!!! By the way, Tesla is also now pulling back from commitment to deliver batteries by end of year as promised when contract was signed. Now they are saying "best effort", however, given they track record of operational incompetence, I can only think that they will not deliver. I have given them a deadline to commit or let me purchase my batteries from another supplier, but PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME HANGING IN THE AIR BECAUSE OF YOUR INCOMPETENCE!!! Fix your problems Tesla!!! My account is moradbenayed @ gmail . com / dorraf @ yahoo . fr. My poor sales lady who seems frustrated by powerless is Erikka. The personal concierge who takes 48 hours to respond is Taylor Gurney. The CS manager who does not call back is Allen Compton. PLEASE FIX YOUR ISSUES. I have an order for a Tesla car, and I am really concerned about quality, service and ability to deliver.


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    I would go with a different company.
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    I've had a similar experience. Still frustrated, although yours sounds worse. Something horrible has happened at the SolarCity side of Tesla, and it's a supremely poor reflection on the company as a whole.
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    Tesla has redirected many powerwalls to help Puerto Ricains get power back up quickly.

    I too have 3 powerwalls reserved. No rush for me, I can wait until those who have desperate need have been served.
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    I have been asking Tesla about my permits, and my sales person Erikka told me in writing that my City Permits were filed 10 days ago (on the 21st) and that there is not feedback. Today, I went to the city to check why they are taking sooo long, and the city told me that no permit is filed. I contacted sales support, and they said that they need to rework the designs for the 7th time now. HELP.
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    Communications is not Tesla Priority.

    I'd just go with another company.
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    I'm in the Wollongong Area, South Coast of New South Wales (Australia).

    We've just had our Powerwall2 installed by Tesla Australia. It took 6 months from time of initial deposit to flipping the switch. That is certainly a long time but throughout the process we were kept up to date with what was going on.

    The two guys who installed the system were very professional and friendly and the "training" on the app was quite extensive.

    It's unfortunate that people are having bad experiences with what so far looks to be a great product.
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    I am in the solar business. Solar City aka Tesla Solar Roof is toast.

    Find a local installer, get better, for less. And get an answer when u call
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