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An idea, what if Tesla used their resources with their a.i, batteries and the longevity of them to make anything from combines to simples zero turns. The amount of energy and money/time it would benefit farmers and day to day yard work.

Far fetched but the idea of it isn’t terrible.


  • I’m sure that if IH or some other implement manufacturer approached Tesla, they might supply batteries and possibly drive trains. It would probably be too much of a distraction for Tesla to try to devote their own resources into that business in the near future themselves.
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    I wish Tesla to be a part of Indian success stories, Agriculture and Co2 emission control, this should not be delayed
  • I agree with you guys, if Tesla can transfer his resources, at least part, to increase the efficiency of agricultural crops, then farmers would have to have it easier, because today most people still use manual labor instead of expensive cars. But Tesla with his abilities can fix this all over the world, we will offer durable batteries and many technical devices. For example, my brother works in a good company, which is based on the help of such cases - here I am always interested in this or that detail for work. I think they can become serious Tesla competitors
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