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existing solar panels/ add powerwall comercial building, 208/230 3 phase

I was planning to buy 3 powerwalls has an addition to our 83 solar pannels (300 w) with a capability of up to 100+ kwh, should cover daytime clinic demand(Puerto Rico). the structure is serve by a three phase 208/230 . It was mentioned to me recently that the Powerwall is not designed for this type of input, but for residential type of single phase. I want to know if that is the case and if so, what can we do, either adapting the powerwall or using a powerpack system. Any insight will be greatly appreciated


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    HI, in Australia many houses are connected to three phase power to enable airconditioning and other heavy loads to be managed effectively. My house is an old shop and has three phase and just had a powerwall installed. the gateway for Australia is designed to deal with this but since i only have one powerwall it is only connected to one phase. if i installed another two powerwalls each would be connected to a seperate phase and cover the power needs when i put the airconditioning on. as it is it will cover one phase when the airconditioner is working and i pay for the other power.

    Hope this helps - at least you can tell the Tesla consultant that they can deal with three phase systems.
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