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Still waiting for Powerwall 2 approval from PG&E

I have a 3.8 KW solar array with a Powerwall 2 installation. Even though the Powerwall 2 is not designed to feed power or back feed onto the grid. I was informed that I have to disable the Powerwall, due to the transformer feeding my property not being able to handle the load if the Powerwall did back feed. This transformer luckily feeds 9 other properties so PG&E will not be charging me for the required transformer replacement. So I am currently asking PG&E what is their policy with the Powerwall 2 when the whole system was designed that the Powerwall does not charge from grid power nor will supply power to the grid. Only the solar array can do this after fully charging the Powerwall and my property needs. The system was installed in August 2017. Any else having issues like this? Is Tesla doing anything to advocate installations like mine?


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    How many panels? Are they 325 watts each?
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    Would love to know how this works out for you. I also have PG&E and am interested in getting tesla solar (w/ a powerwall), but would like to know how they advocate for you. Please keep us updated.
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