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What is your Wh/Mile?

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Can owners please report on thier typical Wh/Mile figures here.

Please use this format:

Driving type: Highway/Local/Mixed
Temperature: In F please



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    Wh/Mile: 285
    Driving type: Local
    Temperature: 50F
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    Too narrow a snapshot.

    Local and freeway - many stops and restarts which uses more energy.
    1250 total miles driven
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    I'm getting about 240w/m driving on rural roads (30-50mph) at 40-45º. Haven't gone on a highway trip yet.
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    Around 254Wh/m on ours. Driven with "spirit," even though the driver is a grandma. :-)
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    328 lifetime- 635 miles - wife drives kids to school local no freeways...sits in car with heat and A/C, etc.. I have a lead foot
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    First RWD car in a while, so my number is a bit high :)

    268 over the lifetime 650 miles (about 100 of that being highway at ~75-80mph). I've done some round trips from the house at 240 (house is about 1000ft higher than anywhere I drive). Temps in the 40s and heating cabin to 71.
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    ST, that's higher than my S lifetime avg lol
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    Thank you djharrington, thank you :)
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    We are averaging 239 wh/mile over last three + weeks, temperature ranging from 30-45 degrees F, mixed driving around Edmonds/Seattle with some highway driving. The M3 is much more efficient than our S85D which has a lifetime average of 298 wh/mile.
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    In two stints renting a Model 3 I've driven about 900 miles. I'm somewhere in the mid 270s but only because I've been driving much further and faster than I normally would. From what people are saying I'm confident I'll be in the 250s long term here in mild California.
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    @djharrington- P85DL is 425 lifetime...
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    341 lifetime over 991 miles.
    50% local 50% road trip
    30 degrees average temp

    Probably having a little too much fun with the go pedal. :)

    Drew in MI
  • 322Wh/m over ~500 miles
    60% local, 40% freeway
    28 degrees average temp - it's been cold recently in Colorado
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    Off topic, but the loaner S85 (late 2014 w AP1) I got is an energy pig. Lifetime average on my S70D is 309Wh/mi, but I can't do a round trip commute in the 85 with less than 330Wh/mi, and that's not working it as hard as mine.

    Can't wait to get the 3 back!
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    2200 Miles.
    Average efficiency 266Wh/m
    Temps in the 60s except tripto Vandenberg which was in the low 30s.
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    ST70 | February 26, 2018
    @djharrington- P85DL is 425 lifetime...

    slow down @ST70, you know speeding is illegal right??
    am i the only one that doesn't speed!?
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    Hmmm.... given what i’m seeing here, I need to adjust my expectations. Looks like 350-400 should be my planning number! ;-)
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    did you get FSD software?

    i remember you saying you bought your MS now because you didn't want to buy it at a later time to use it to drive you back and forth to doctor's office :)

    are you using the M3 with FSD to drive you back and forth at a later date? :)
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    back on topic

    i thought the drive units on the M3 are more efficient than MS due to weight and tech.
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    @Silver - in my area, unless otherwise restricted, normal flow of traffic on freeways hovers between 80-85.

    Surface streets slow things down to about 60.

    Police tend to not even blink unless you’re doing over 90, or speeding in a school zone ( they do at least take *those* seriously). It’s not at all unusual to see people doing 100+ in light traffic
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    Looks like I'm in the mid-200s.
    Most of my driving is on a highway but it doesn't count as highway since it's bumper to bumper, so I'll say 85% city driving. Plus my car lives outside and it's still winter here. Mild the past few weeks but still in the 30s over night.
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    where are you located?
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    Minnesota 435mi. Average 320Wh/mi. Below freezing, some snow/ice.
  • 2 Months and 7,591 miles currently averaging 262Wh/Mi.

    Mostly highway miles but plenty of traffic. TACC is set to Speed Limit +1. 4500 of those miles are commuting miles at an average speed of 48 MPH. The majority of the remaining 3100 miles are road trip miles at Speed limit +1 so 66 - 76MPH depending on what state I was in.

    Temps on my morning commute are generally 30-60 and temps on my evening commute are generally 45-60.
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    Model 3 - 1440 miles - 275 Wh/Mi
    Model S - 52000 miles - 326 Wh/Mi
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