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How many of you are going to buy Tesla Solar Panels?

My friends have decided to Buy Solar Panels. If anyone of you have also discussed it then Share with us your experience with other Panels.

Tesla will start selling solar panels in wholesale stores

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    I bought thru solar city 1 year ago and I love it.
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    Still waiting in Tennessee
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    We had our 13.2 kWh solar system installed in 2012 by a local vendor (A&R Solar) here in Edmonds, WA, and absolutely love it. We are net positive, which means we produce more electricity than we use, and have been net positive for last 5+ years, and were 182 percent in 2017, in our all electric home including charging our MS, and now our M3. If I were doing solar today I would definitely do the Tesla solar tile roof. We are currently waiting to get our PW2 installation. They have done the site assessment, but are waiting on the vendor selection for the installation. Good luck with your solar installation. You will not be disappointed. Solar works!
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    We installed a Solar City system last June and have been very pleased with the performance.
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    Currently waiting for solar panels to be installed but power wall wait is 8-10 months now. They're installing solar panels first and then power wall when it's available
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    I am not sure what "selling" means because Solar City used to have their sales people in Home Depot to sell their products but I couldn't find any of their product on the shelves to take home.

    It is pretty much now the same way with Tesla products. I can't still find any on Home Depot's shelves to take home but Home Depot can refer me to Tesla for a quote.

    The difference now is I can click on Home Depot website and I don't have to go to a physical Home Depot to look for Tesla sales people.
  • It seems to me to be a no-brainier. I live by the sea UK and intend to put a new roof on my house later this year. We get a lot of sun (by uk standards!) and to fit photo voltaics that look like elegant slates and generate free electricity for ever sounds like the answer to a maiden’s prayer! Bring it on - sooner the better. Even if Russia cuts off the gas ................
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