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What does "Premium connectivity" include?

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I ordered my model 3 on 6/30/2018 and was wondering what exactly "Premium connectivity" includes. A Tesla rep via email claims that:

"Premium connectivity does not include slacker. Here is a link of what premium connectivity includes, click here. in car streaming and media means that your software allows you to stream music."

I thought that premium connectivity included a streaming media subscription (like Slacker).

The tesla FAQ states:

"Premium Connectivity adds satellite-view maps with live traffic visualization, in-car streaming music & media, an internet browser (for Model S and Model X) and over-the-air software updates via Wi-Fi and cellular."



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    I think the rep is mistaken, BUT we won't know until cars either ship without any premium connectivity or the 1yr free for people who purchased after 7/1/2018 expires.

    So really only time will tell because as everything else, the FAQ is vague and the Tesla Reps have given different info
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    Pornhub VIP access, baby WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (If you like that kind of thing, which, hey, no judgements)
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    Well, the FAQ explains it quite clearly.

    1. Satellite map with real-time traffic. without premium connection, your GPS will still use real-time traffic to help you find the best route, but you won't be able to the traffic information yourself.

    2. Audio streaming (Music, podcast etc.) w/o premium connection, you can listen to FM/AM radio or Bluetooth audio from your own device.

    3. Internet browser (available for M3 with V9 software) w/o premium connection, you cannot use it if there is no wifi connection.

    4. Over the air updates when there is no Wifi. w/o premium connection, you can only update when your car connects to Wifi.

    It looks quite basic but $100/year is totally worth it.

    Here is the same service charged by Mercedes C-Class, Or E- Class (Similar price tag)
    (1) Remote Access: standard for 5 years, price after N/A, (Tesla free)
    (2) Safety & Security: 6-month free trial, $199/year thereafter (Tesla free)
    (3) Travel & Assistance: 3-month free trial, $240/year thereafter
    (4) Entertainment: 3-month free trial, $216/year thereafter

    As you can see, Tesla is giving you at least $199/year service for free (compare to Mercedes)
    and another $456/year service for $100/year. I've never thought of this before, Damn
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    Well, I still don't think it is clear. Did you see my main concern about whether a Slacker subscription is included? The Tesla rep told me that the Slacker subscription is NOT included in the premium package. The premium package only allows you to be able to stream, she claimed. You would still have to pay for the Slacker subscription. Where does it clearly state this in your text above? Personally, I think that the rep is wrong. I am streaming for free in my model 3 and my 2015 model S.
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    I think what the rep means is that you don't get "Slacker Premium" with Tesla Premium service, you only get "Slacker Basic" access. If you go to the Slacker website, you will see that you can sign up for a premium account for $10/month.
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    After owning the car for 1.5 months, ordered the car prior to 7/1the lifetime premium and for some reason today, my streaming service stopped working and now its asking for me to sign in slacker? Anyone else have this same issue? Thought the streaming service is free for life of the car.
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    @eatatdennys, I've read that that issue of Slacker not being logged in is a bug and may have been resolved in a later firmware upgrade.
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    @eatatdennys, I may be wrong, but I was told M3 orders prior to 7/1 received 4 years of free service and those of us who ordered after 7/1 received 1 year of free service.
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    So that's the reason to buy EAP. Handsfree driving...
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    Thanks for the info. I took a closer look at the slacker subscription options and found this (not easy to find without creating an account, btw). There are a Basic (free), Plus ($3.99/mo) and Premium ($9.99/mo) account options. My model S account (I have the login info) is a plus account. It looks like the model 3 default account is a plus as well. I dont have the login info for the Model 3. Tesla claims that they don't have logins for the model 3's. It just comes with the car. So, I am still wondering when the model 3 (bought before 7/1/18) and 2015 model S "Plus" accounts will expire (if at all). They are currently using a plus account that is not "free".
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    Got it, I misunderstood the question. The title was a little misleading. If your concern is whether the premium includes Slacker subscription, the title should be a yes or no question instead of a broad question asking what's included in the Premium connectivity.

    Also, if Tesla doesn't promise a "Plus" account, they could take it away anytime they want to, quietly. Just like how they upgraded the M3 seats w/o addtional charge, or raise the price for the color, or AWD. For my personal experience, no one has the absolutely "correct information", even Telsa's showroom stuff or service center rep.
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    Funny. You didn't like my subject line? Do you understand what a subject line is? It was the subject of my question/message that was in the body, not all the details. Yes, I was wondering if the existing slacker account is included in the premium connectivity package. Just read the actual message next time. That is the whole point of posting.
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    @ccsccs7, @gmr6415 thanks for the response, after reading other post, I figured I tried holding down both scroll buttons on the steering wheel to reset the screen. After the reboot, I'm back to streaming. Now whether it's basic service or premium...who knows?
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    It is probably "plus".
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