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rear window defroster

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Model X Owners. Can someone tell me if their rear window defroster heats up/defrosts all the thew way or only half way. Mine is 2 days old. I notice that it only heats up and shows defrosting capability for the bottom half of the rear window. The top half remains cold and does not defrost. Are the lines at the top for another purpose perhaps antenna/LTE/wifi ? It's easy to test, just turn on the rear and it shoudl start to heat up ...if someone can help me figure it out it would save me a hours of appts at the service center.

Thank you!!!


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    The full rear window does defrost. I have a 2018 July build MX100D and the rear would not defrost properly, only the lower section under the wing. Figured it was the differential is exposure meaning th upper would frost before the lower under the right conditions and the rear defrost was not working. Service center found the plug was not fully inserted into receptical. All fixed, clears great, even under our first snow today.
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    Thx KurtX. I went to the showroom and tested another X and it's doing the same as mine. Only the "thinner" linesthe heat up. The area towards the top with the thicker lines do not heat up. I believe those thicker lines are antenna. If I can be hold and ask you test your rear windows by touch (from the inside) and let me know? The lines should heat up within a few minutes, the thinner lines at the bottom half will be warm/hot and the top half area will remain cold. Thank you!
  • Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I think I’m having the same issue, only this is on a new model Y. The top half isn’t defrosting. I looked closely and on the Y, the grid lines are the same thickness, but the pattern on the top half is different. It has gaps and disconnects whereas the bottom half is all connected. It does seem to be an antenna, but I’m also not totally trusting of the car (the whole liftgate has been replaced prior to this). Did you ever figure out what was going on? Thanks.
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