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All Season Tires for the Performance Model 3?

I can't seem to get confirmation on an All Season Tire option for the Performance Version of the Model 3. According the Michelin the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ (235/35 ZR20 92 Y) will work. But I was recently at a Tesla service center and they said there are NO all season tires rated for the car and instead I would have to have a set of the summer tires that came with it and then also get a set of winter tires that are rated for the car. I'd like to NOT have to do that, but instead get a single set of tires that will still perform well and keep on the car. Does anyone know for SURE if the Pilot Sport A/S 3+'s are approved for the car?


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    All season tires are no season tires.
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    I love my AS 3+. Took them on snow last week and they were fine. On dry roads, they don’t feel too different than the 4s.

    In fact, now I’m rethinking my original plan to save the 4s as two pairs of front tires for track (and get 275s for the rear) on a different wheelset, and go straight to a competition tire. I don’t think my times would be way faster on the 4s than with the AS 3+.
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    The Michelin PS A/S 3+ will fit and are Y rated tires just like OEM PS4S tires. You will have no problem running those. Tesla service may mean there are no Tesla version of that tire (with acoustic foam inside), but that is not necessary for the tire to work. I saw a video that measured with and without acoustic foam with a decibel reader and it was louder without; however, the drivers could not tell the difference in real world driving.

    As @wayne said, All Season tires are jack of all trades, master of none tires. True summer tires (PS4S) will out perform all season in wet and dry, while true winter tires will out perform all seasons in snow.
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    Just got a set of Michelin CrossClimate all seasons to run this weekend on my P3D+
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    I replaced the Michelin MMX all seasons on my Model S with the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ when it was time for a new set of tires. Tesla won’t rotate them or service them but they were still a better choice for me. I wish that they were considered as a viable OEM alternative by Tesla. I’m doing the same thing on the P3D for the winter but they won’t be available in the P3D size until January.
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    I ordered a set of the 20” Michelin A/S 3+ from TireRack whose web site said they were not available until January. Much to my surprise, they shipped the next day. Now if I only had a car to put them on ...
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    The M3 handles so fantastically that all season tires may do better on them then on my BMW. I am still waiting to try our my performance winter Michelin Alpines on snow. I migh try running them year round.
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    I put A/S 3+ on my RWD Model S last December and when I couldn’t get out of my driveway on the first snow, I upgraded to Michelin X Ice. I left them on the entire year. They did great in summer driving without a tendency to break traction as previous snow tires like Blizzaks and Nokians have done. Fast forward 11 months and over 50k miles later, they handled this week’s snow with aplomb. Pretty remarkable for a car that went through summer tires every 12k miles back in 2013.
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    Thanks everyone. I get that the A/S 3+'s are a master of none tire, but to me living in the Northeast I prioritize having a tire that I don't have to change because of a full range of weather conditions. Plus I have limited storage options in a small house to be keep multiple sets of tires and/or wheels. From all this it does sound like the A/S 3+s will be my best option and closest to maintain as much performance as possible.
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    They're great tires. The whole "no-season" trope is based on ancient history.
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    Anyone know who would be able to install them? Seen too many horror stories on a non-qualified place damaging the battery. Would Tesla Sevice install them? Seems unclear if they will.
  • I have found Discount tire at many locations to be just what I want, Low price perfect service perfect balance hand torqued.
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    The 3 is a bigger jacking challenge than the S because the jack point is much narrower. Invest is a jack point adapter and carry it with you as tire places may not have one and will either refuse to work on your car or try and cause a problem. Preferably go to a place where you're not orienting them to their first Tesla:)
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    I’ve experienced the Michelin CrossClimate+ on a non-Tesla and it was simply out of this world. Comparable to the very best Grand-Touring tires in dry and wet conditions, plus good winter traction.
    I wasn’t surprised when they came out on top of the Grand Touring category on consumerreports. They wear well too, per this translation of AutoBild
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    @drbob Any update on the CrossClimate+ tires? Looking to get them on my M3 instead of the A/S 3+ because of the efficiency. Curious to know how your CrossClimate+'s have been treating your P3D+?
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    I put a set of 18" CrossClimate+ tires on my non-P AWD3 at Discount Tire in early November. We have had maybe a dozen days since then here in Colorado Springs with snow/ice on the roads to try them out with, and I've been very happy with the tires.

    Handling on dry pavement... I took the car for a spirited drive on a curvy dry road this morning, and holy cow, the recent performance boost plus those relatively new tires sure got my adrenalin pumping, and the tires gripped the dry pavement as good or better than the factory Primacy MXM4's. They also seem to be at least as quiet as the factory MXM4's. Kind of makes me think the whole acoustic foam thing in the factory tires is a bit overrated.

    Efficiency... I can't give any scientific evaluation of efficiency because I honestly haven't paid that much attention to it; my efficiency has definitely gone down recently, but it's also the cold season here and I'm probably comparing in my head to summer efficiency.

    Handling on snow/ice... I've been extremely impressed. I also wonder if Tesla hasn't improved the traction control in one of the updates over the past year. I had the MXM4's on the car one year ago in similar conditions with similar treadwear, i.e. both tires were pretty new at the same time of year, and - maybe I just don't remember it very well - but this year I have found that it is basically impossible to get the rear of the car to come around at all, even accelerating hard on slippery roads. Since getting these tires I have found myself pushing the car on the local ice-packed side streets more than I probably should - and also getting frustrated whenever I get stuck behind some SUV or pickup truck lumbering ahead lethargically in front of me.

    Definitely several variables in play and a lot of subjective feel, but I have no reason not to loves these CC+ tires at this point. Hopefully I'll get more out of them than the 16.5K miles I got from the factor MXM4's. Unless something changes, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again next time around.

    BTW, offtopic, but I've had the car for 15 months now, and I've never had a car before that felt and handled after 15 months exactly the same as it did when I drove it off the lot.
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    Got the Mich A/S 3+ tires yesterday. Love the feel. Slightly noisy. M3P+. 30,000 miles since 10/1/18.
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    You can experience Michelin CrossClimate + tires, which are great all-season tires. My area has snow, so I bought it for my car. I bought it at:
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    geno.kearney | December 21, 2019
    “Got the Mich A/S 3+ tires yesterday. Love the feel. Slightly noisy. M3P+. 30,000 miles since 10/1/18.”

    Geno, did your Michelin 4S tires last 30k miles? If so, that’s great news considering a lot of folks have experienced replacement in the teens.
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    I’d like to know if anyone with the AS3+ could comment on range increase/decrease experienced by switching from the 4S. My biggest dislike of my P3D+ is the loss of range vs. our LR AWD 18” Aero. I routinely average 20-25% higher energy consumption (and thus 20-25% less range). While that doesn’t seem like it could be a problem, it is. I drive a ton. I’ve put almost 15,000 miles on my P3D+ in 3.5 months. It’s not even my only car.

    Here in NC, there’s quite a few places that lack superchargers (coastal regions). Single day round trips can be challenging or impossible in my P3D+, whereas my partner’s LR AWD on Aeros could make the trip without recharging. I’m interested in knowing how much of the range loss is the excess weight of the larger rim or the tires itself. I put A/S3s on my last three cars. They were louder than the stock tires on each car, but they handled better and lasted a good while. If I could find a tire that didn’t compromise handling (I don’t care about tracking my car, just driving it hard on the road sometimes) and would add back some of the range lost to the Summer Performance Tires, I would be happy!
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    Meant to include this in my post...

    I average about 310-330wh/mi at interstate speeds in sunny conditions and at 45-80°F ambient temps.

    Our LR AWD on Aeros averages 240-260 in identical conditions. The difference is huge.
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    All-Season Tires for the Performance Follow This site:
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    Anyone try Nokian Entyre 2.0 or Nokian zLine A/S? Any feedback? I have the Entyre on 2 of my other vehicles and love them
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