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No Model S Refresh Anytime Soon

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I was at my Dallas Service Center today and had a lengthy conversation with a few of the Sales and Service guys. Since I pick up my 2018 MS 100D on Friday, I asked about anticipated refresh or redo of the MS. Here is what I was told:

The Model 3 was designed to belong to the current S and X family. No refresh on any of these models is coming until after Roadster, Model Y, and Semi are well into production. Tesla believes the current family is optimized from a hardware perspective and efforts are now on producing the upcoming models and increasing service efforts. For Models S/X/3 it will be software updates.

They estimated 5 years or more before any consideration of MS changes.

I’m not the originator of this information, but found it worth sharing.


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    For what it's worth, the local SvC and Sales staff know nothing. Like Sgt. Schultz.
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    Elon tweets similar denials about any major redesign
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    The sales staff will find out about any redesign shortly before we do, of maybe even later.
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    Why would anyone by a Tesla vehicle if they know if design changes in advance?

    That's why everyone denies or knows nothing.
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    Other priorities.
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    @Silver2K. If they announce the rumored "after thought bolt-on display" like the M3 has, I would definitely anti-up before the refresh. Of course, that would be if I didn't already have one. So here's to hoping the OP is correct, and things will stay as is for a while, besides maybe better batteries, and software improvements.
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    I don’t think there is anything wrong with a delayed redesign of the MS. The longer the look is out there, the more people recognize it as a Tesla. Go down the road and you can spot 6 different versions of the Honda Civic or Accord because they keep changing the design every 3 years. In other words, Hondas don’t stand out.
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    I will guarantee there WILL be a Model S refresh
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    That's what I'm waiting for. Now I love the current design, but I'm not going to buy another S just to replace what I already have. When a new S comes out, I'll be first in line.
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    Gee whiz, I thought I already owned a refresh MS. Wasn't the refresh when they redid the front fascia change in mid-2016?

    Key question I have is when will there be a Gen2 or Next Gen Model S.
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    I'm guessing they will get the MS & MX up to speed with Model 3, such as vent etc. I'm still in love with my daily driver 89k VIN 85D, so until FSD is in full effect and potentially a larger battery and possibly refreshed interior, I'm holding off on my future P1XXD.
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    "I don’t think there is anything wrong with a delayed redesign of the MS."

    I agree. S and X still look 'fresh' compared to their competition, and Tesla should be spending its design dollars on the Y and a pickup.

    "I will guarantee there WILL be a Model S refresh"

    Of course there will, the question is when.
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    Most likely in the interior in my opinion. There are always minor exterior changes that could be made that don't complicate manufacturing. Things like headlights, wheels, some body panels...ect. They let thing to me is Musk stating that Tesla doesn't do Model year updates. Instead, if they come up with something good they just roll it in when practical. If you believe ramping up production and efficiency are paramount concerns them the existing Model S body style could be around a while. I think that when Porsche Taycan and other high end luxury EVs show up, there could be competitive pressures for more drastic styling changes. But that's ~2020ish and beyond. Tesla is worried about scale now so if a new Model S is in development, we may start seeing leaks like with traditional autos as they start sourcing parts and testing cars with those hideous covers to hide from auto press. But again, this is Tesla so if a totally new Model S appears tomorrow don't be surprised!
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    When they do redesign the car, the change won’t be radical. They won’t do anything to lower the drag coefficient which would affect energy efficiency/range.
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    The major changes that we're likely to see before a major redesign of the S/X:

    - New battery packs using newer battery technologies; more likely at the roughly the same capacity as the current packs, at a lower cost, and possibly improved charging

    - V3 supercharging support, which may not be fully supported with the existing S/X battery packs

    - Increased smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto or equivalent)

    If/when Tesla is close to achieving FSD, we could see some changes to the interior, to better support a person sitting in the "driver's seat" who is no longer driving - changes such as swivel front seats, rotated/larger console display, reduce impact of the steering wheel, possibly elimination of the dashboard display, work surface, …

    Tesla's plate is pretty full rolling out new vehicles (Y, pickup, Roadster 2.0, semi) - which makes it less likely we'll see a full redesign of the S/X - and that may only happen if Tesla finds the other manufacturers with vehicles that are able to seriously compete with Tesla in the $75-125K price range.
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    There is no refresh coming. Until it does.
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    From the beginning, Model S was such a fantastic design that 6 years, five months there is still no need for a complete redesign—all Tesla’s resources are better spent developing the Pickup, the Y, the Semi and the Roaster.

    Little and not /quite/ so little things? Sure—e.g. improvements to the door handles which are now in their third generation and break less often. But seriously, a ground-up redesign is completely unnecessary.

    Of course there are those who need to be seen with the newest of everything.
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    You have to keep in mind that the reason car companies update the design of their cars to get people to buy the newer version because us “sheep” have been raised to believe we have to have the latest and greatest.
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    There will be a lot of competition for the S in 2020.

    I don't know about cosmetic design changes, but it will be important for Tesla to keep raising the bar on battery, charging, technology, and performance.
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    I hear that all the time.

    There will be a lot of competition for the S in (current year + 2).

    The problem is (current year + 2) is always in the future.

    Tesla and everyone else wishes there would be more competition. Tesla cannot meet their mission of saving the world without help from other auto manufacturers.
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    Tesla has a stated policy of continous improvements, rather than major new designs.

    The current X and S are still far ahead of the competition.

    Expect ongoing partial refreshes, like nose, tail, electronice, interiors, wheel/tire packages. Maybe even significant battery pack or motor updates, but I don't expect to see an entirely new S or X out any time soon.

    All the new stuff is going to be implemented first in the upcoming Model Y, Semi, Pickup, and New Roadster. After they get rolled out, it will be time to re-invision the Model S/X.

    Remember, the world could still benefit from Tesla busses, airplanes, lawn mowers, automotous taxi fleets, and driverless Uber type services. Their plate is indeed full.
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    I too question what the great competition will be a little over a year from now. Who will be building a great competitor in sufficient volume to make a dent in demand?
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    Bighorn +1.

    Where is the competition for the MS and Model 3?

    Only Porsche is working on a sedan that may be considered competition for the MS.

    Hell, Subaru doesn’t even have a hybrid and they are never mentioned when it comes to discussion of future EVs.
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    Tesla will have plenty of competitors someday, but so far most upcoming EVs appear like just more compliance vehicles, designed not to upset the ICE lineup. They purposely limit volume - just enough to get the ZEV credits they need. To help accomplish these "goals", it seems they use the "C" design team or grab something from the ICE reject bin and cram in a few batteries. At least they are getting their feet wet on these 1st generation designs. Expect Tesla will be on their 5th gen designs in the next two years.
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    Tesla's ace in the whole is (and will be for some time) the Supercharger network. Nobody is close and won't be for many years, if ever.
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