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Very poor experience with SmartCharge America charger install

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I spent several weeks researching the various RECOMMENDED installers on Tesla's charging page. I purchased the charger online, and after I got it selected a vendor.

Two of the electricians on the page were individuals, both very busy. One came out and inspected my setup and gave me a quote, the other did it via text and photos, but was not so professional. The third was SmartCharge America who I ended up going with.

They collected a lot of information about my setup, photos, usage data, etc and gave me a quote that was the same price as one of the other vendors. Because they had a national presence, seemed legit and responsive I went with them.

They had an electrician out in a couple of days and he spent about 4 hours doing the install. It was not till he was almost done that I figured out they were doing a 40 amp install not 60 as I had specifically requested, and is specified in Tesla's documentation for a Model 3 Long Range. When I started asking questions he got nervous and defensive and told me there was nothing he could do, as that was how it was written up.

I called them before he was done and they told me they could not do anything at that time but would get me a quote to upgrade my service.

When he was done I asked to plug it in and I was only getting 27 mph charge rate. He had set the dip switch to the wrong setting and after changing it to 40 amp I got approximately 30 mph, it should be about 32.

Now I paid $500 for the charger and $1500 for the install, and a week later SCA comes back to me with a quote for $2500 MORE (including a %15 discount) to UPGRADE the install with a 60 amp circuit.

Now one of the things I had been stressing to them was that I have a dryer circuit that is 15 amp 240v. I have never used it, I am lucky enough to have a gas house and dryer. Also the kitchen has a 240v circuit but I use gas there as well. I have a 100amp box but there is plenty of overhead. Both of the electricians that I did not use told me they could tie off those and put block plates in place of the circuit breakers and I'd have plenty of power to do a 48 amp charge (60 amp circuit breaker).

So essentially I'm stuck without paying a ton of money to them or someone else to run new wire, change the breaker, and do all the city inspection paperwork.

I have written Tesla about this but not heard back.

I can not recommend Smart Charge America.


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    Sorry to hear this. If you cant get any recourse I would say to just leave it. Honestly 30 mile an hour charge is pretty good. I wouldn't spend any extra money from here but thats just me.
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