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Used Car Delivery Time - What is Normal

I'm new to Tesla and sort of dipping my toe in by purchasing a pre-owned Model S from Tesla. I found what looks like a very nice car, low mileage, good body and interior via the website. Reviewed all the pictures, e-mailed the sales person, did the deal. Got everything finalized (trade-in, loan, other documentation) on Thursday, December 20. All tasks on my account page at Tesla are completed. Received e-mail from the inside delivery advisory in re-marketing on Thursday, Dec. 20 confirming receipt of documents, blah blah blah. Told me the delivery location (Chicago Wesmont Delivery Center) and said he'd be in contact when the car was available. His closing comment was that it takes about 3 days for the car to be at the delivery center.

My question, why so long? It is a pre-owned car. Car was shown on the Tesla website as being in Chicago. I'm not the most patient person so am wondering why it takes so long for the car to get to the delivery center as I'm assuming the car is physically in the Chicago environs.

I know Tesla has a different sales model, but I can walk into any other dealership and have a used car in 2-3 hours. What is so different about Tesla's model for used car sales? Since I live 5 hours from the Chicago delivery center, I need to do a bit of pre-planning on when to pick up the car.



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    Bryan - 3 days sounds about right. they need time to make sure the car is clean and then to get it to final destination. I would say 3 days is pretty fast by Tesla time! comparing to old school dealerships is comparing apples to oranges. AND, currently Tesla is about as chaotic as they ever get with trying to sell/deliver as many Model 3s before the end of the quarter and before fed tax credit is reduced. so, i wouldnt be surprised if they miss the 3 day commitment by a week or more. My advice - just relax and read the owners manual....
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    3 days!?!! I think someone broke Tesla! What happened to the 30 day minimum? :)
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    @Wilber - thanks for the information. I realize I'm comparing apples to oranges, but never having dealt with Tesla before.... I'm excited about getting the vehicle so am finding the waiting to be somewhat not fun. I know, first world problems :-)

    @Silver2K -- this is a pre-owned, not new so hopefully 30 day minimum doesn't apply. If it does, no one has mentioned it to me and it certainly isn't in the paperwork.
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    It’s possible Tesla is focusing on new sales right now until the end of the year because of the tax credit push. Hopefully CPO buyers would understand.
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    In the old days, "CPO" actually meant something: a "like-new" vehicle that took a lot of work to get to that condition.

    Now, "CPO" means, "yeah, it looks good. Give it a good wash."
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    Also the transaction or paperwork takes place at Tesla headquarters in California. People there have to finish the deal before they can give the local Service Center the OK to deliver. Right now they are swamped! Still 3 days is ridiculously fast.
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    @Anthony, thanks for the additional insight. I didn't realize all the paperwork was done centrally. I figured the delivery location did the paperwork.
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    Keep in mind that it will still take probably 6-9 weeks to get the title.

    It may also take a month or so to add the car to a spouse's Tesla account if you're the type of people to want that (otherwise, just give spouse access to your account).
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    Got mine delivered last Friday. Exactly a week from when I bought it online. The delivery center here was so busy I took the option to have an employee drive it to my house and Uber it back an hour to Tesla.
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    @Vegan -- Wow, that's impressive (but not in a good way). Hope they give me a long expiration time on the temp plate, especially since I'm picking it up in Chicago and it will be registered in MI. I'm guessing I'm going to have to do all of the registration/title work since Tesla can't sell in MI.

    @Nursedave8 -- As soon as I can get the notification the car is available, I plan on driving to Chicago to pick it up (about 5 hours away).

    I'm trying to keep an open mind and realize that Tesla is not the normal car dealership experience nor is the car the same, but dang, sounds like their customer service needs some work.
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    I feel the frustration too. I placed my order on 12/10 and still have not gotten the green light for pick up. Financing approved, no trade in. you would think that would be a easy for them to finish in 2 weeks time. hopefully I get some good news this week. Located in LA and need to drive the SD for pick up.
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    @Davidwkim -- best of luck. I've pretty much decided that one shouldn't read these forums while not having the car sitting in the driveway. All the examples of poor customer service and long service times makes me start second guessing my decision to get one. Of course, I do realize that probably ANY forum related to a vehicle is going to be mostly negative.
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    Took 3 months to get my used P85d last summer. 3 days is nothing. still best car I've ever /will ever drive.
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    @DrYan -- all I can say is wow. I would expect that for a new car where they have to build it, etc. But for CPO car that all they have to do is clean it up, restore factory defaults, etc. that seems like an awfully long time. Good to know that you're still liking the car.

    Sure hope I'm not in line for that...especially since I've got a trade in that they supposedly won't accept if it has more than 500 miles above what I told them and my loan is only good for 45 days.
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    The longest seven weeks of my life were spent waiting for my CPO S85 in the summer of 2017. Granted, it was still a "real" CPO (meaning potential repair/replace work was being done), but the wait was excruciating. About 15 minutes after taking delivery all distress disappeared and was replaced by a silly grin that still hasn't gone away.
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    My CPO took almost 7 weeks to get it. Strangely I wasn't Tesla's only customer.
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    Well on Nov28 2018 I paid my deposit and reserved an already manufactured Model S 100D in Tesla Tampa office. This is a brand new car sale for tax purposes.
    The car is still on Tesla's Virginia car lot; sure Incompetent enough but Telsla's Las Vegas delivery management insisted it was already transported and gave me assurances it would arrive mid December.
    I truly wanted to trust them but just before Christmas I insisted that the they locate the car since it definitely had not arrived in Tampa. Sure enough they weren't deserving of trust and the car had never been moved.
    Now they apologized but so far have made no move to provide any compensation for their incompetence.
    I have my fingers crossed that they will own this issue and try to rebuild the trust they lost..
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    @dougk71 - You should ask them for a price discount of $3750 to make up for the tax credit reduction since you are not going to take delivery by next Monday, Dec. 31st.
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    Well, my saga continues. Today, received a phone call from Fremont. Guy was wondering when they would receive payment from the bank. I had to inform him that they had yet to generate the purchase agreement. He was totally surprised and didn't seem to realize they hadn't done the paperwork. I asked how long it would take (so I'd have an idea when to expect) and he said 24-48 hours. Really surprised at two things; how long it takes them to generate a purchase agreement and that they don't even know what paperwork they have or haven't created.

    Sure hope this car is worth the frustration.
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    Until Dec 31 comes and goes there still is a chance that the car will be delivered. Tesla has over $50 k now on deposit I upped the deposit when they promised it would arrive within days.
    Perhaps it was silly to believe that what Tesla says could be true. Tesla says they have escalated the issue.
    Elon says he will make up the $3750 loss for bona fide situations. We'll see. I was hoping the they might have included free super charging for life as a way of making amends for the false statements they made. The $3750 if it is needed is only fair they said the car had be shipped to Tampa mid December but it was still in Virginia all along.
    Businesses need to stand up and suffer the consequences of incompetence. If there is no cost then there is no incentive for Tesla to improve. Tesla customers are Tesla biggest asset treat us unfairly and the brand will suffer.
    Any Tesla certainly was the Grinch this Christmas the car was to be my present.
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    @dougk71 -- very true statement about consequences of incompetence and their biggest asset being the customers.

    It is very obvious people are passionate about their cars. However, poor customer service WILL keep Tesla from becoming a long-term company. At some point in time, the frustration of dealing with a company outweighs the product superiority.
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    @bryan.hopkins, hang in there, its worth it! I just went through the process myself and picked up my used Model S about 2 weeks ago. The entire process took a little over a week and I had to drive across Texas to get it, but absolutely no regrets. I think Tesla is a bit overwhelmed with the end of year tax credit push and the Model 3. Their infrastructure will catch up to their production I'm sure. but yes hang in there!
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    I should add though, stay on top of your sales consultant. Don't expect them to know anything and your experience will be better. I had to email my guy multiple times a day and then he actually took off a day and didn't let me know.........all in all it was not the luxury car buying experience I had imagined. Even still, no regrets..............the car is absolutely amazing.
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    The sales experience was excellent as was the test drive. The car will hopefully be a joy. It is the in between that is so dysfunctional. Unfortunately in between sales is delivery and after delivery comes service.
    If they are clumsy with delivery and non responsive with service the loyal customer base will slowly move to other brands. Previous customers give Tesla referrals of new customers. Annoying customers is a poison pill Tesla can't afford to swallow. Anyway 4 days remaining for Tesla to deliver the car they already said was being transported over two weeks ago.
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    Bryan...hang in there. I went to Westmont store yesterday. Not too busy, and helpful staff. While you are waiting search up the prebuy check list. Suggest viewing YouTuber "like Tesla". Will give you a warm fuzzy while you are waiting.
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