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Monthly Parking in Manhattan

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I am considering getting a monthly space in Manhattan and a lot of garages in my neighborhood (near Columbus circle) are running promotions as low as $159/month + tax.

of course, as soon as I inquired about these rates I was told that "Teslas pay an extra $200/month for insurance reasons"

so I am wondering, how many of you with a monthly parking space in Manhattan pay some sort of extra "exotic" rate on top of the usual parking rates?

to add insult to injury.. was told that if I wanted to use the Tesla destination chargers at one of these locations, it would be an extra $50/month.

All told I was quoted a $600/month rate inclusive of taxes which is way more than I wanted to spend. I already have a monthly spot near my workplace where I can store my car when if and when I am travelling. so this would be a second garage to avoid parking on the street at home and is therefore a bit of a splurge.


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    I park in Yorkville and pay damn near $600/month. Charging on the world's most expensive Blink EV charger (49¢/kw!) conveniently located in the garage is naturally extra. Good luck!
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