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My Solor roof quote

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Hey all! I received my phone call a few weeks back with an updated quote and to set up the next steps if I wanted. They said they were starting installations in North Cal, South Cal, and DC area (I'm in Delaware). The quote was MUCH higher than the website estimated, and they were up front on the call about that. On the site with maxing out everything I can think of, I got about $58k estimate. The representative said my estimate is actually in the $100k-$125k range.

I obviously said not now since my house is only worth about $400k and 100k was too high for me. They still have my deposit and I'm going to stay in line with my fingers crossed that the price will come back down to earth. Just wanted to post here so others MAY know what to expect.

Happy New Year!


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    How many KW system was your quote for and how many powerwalls?
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    Honestly they didn't ask too many questions, but my estimate online is 2000 sqft roof and I bumped up to 70% solar with 2 powerwalls. Now, the website shows about $65k cash price. I think the solar guy in store estimated I needed about a 5KW system maybe?
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    I can't believe that a 5 kWh solar roof would cost $100-125k. That his extremely high. We installed 13.2 kWh solar system on our roof in 2012, when solar costs were much higher, and we paid $83k, and got a two PW2 installation this summer which cost ~$15.5k. Our solar system is 2.64X the size you are proposing, and costs have really come down for solar since our 2012 install, so I would definitely ask for second/third opinion before doing that installation. Your initial $58k estimate seems more in line with what I would expect the cost to be.
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    So my SOLAR quote from the store was around 27k I believe. The 100k+ was for the solar roof. I asked the store solar guy about the insane estimate and he aggreed with what you're saying. He set up a quote for me on standard solar and sent me that.

    I then talked again to solar roof guy (He called again) and he verified the 100k+ quote and that the website estimate is wrong. I'm still on board for Tesla solar, but I was GREATLY preferring the new roof vs traditional solar.
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