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How do you know what are good quality solar panels/brands?

HI Everyone,

I am in the process of getting quotes for going solar. As this is so new to me, many companies are providing me quotes with the brand of solar panels they will be using. I have not heard of many of these companies so I am not sure how I can come to a good decision with such little knowledge of what is being offered and was hoping someone could offer some insight.

1) Tesla - 10.37kW at $31,006 ($2.99/W) they use panasonic
2) Yellow Lite - 7.13kW ($3.15/W) meets roughly 70% of my needs. They are offering SLA-310M SLA-M from a company called Silfab Solar
3) Solar SME, Inc. - 9.86kW ($3.05/W) meets roughly 99& of my needs. They are offering SRP-340-6MA from a company called Seraphim Energy Group
4) Pennsylvania Solar Energy - 9.25kW ($3.00/W) meets 113% of my needs. They are offering Maxpower from Canadian Solar Inc.

Any one familiar with any of these panels or their manufacturers?

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.



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    I researched over 15 vendors in the area a mix of local and non-local installers. At the end of the time it comes down to technology and price per watt.

    After I got quotes from 15 vendors, I checked to see how local installers can go with pricing. After that I contacted Tesla to see if they could price match (which they did) and then went with Tesla.
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    I thought Tesla had a flat rate so I ended up paying $4.07 per w while local installers where ~25% cheaper.

    I was ok with it thinking I would get better service, but it was the opposite. Started the process in July 2018, still not operational. (the installation itself took less then 2 days)

    Latest when I call PGE about my account was that they sent information request November 20th and NEVER got a reply from Tesla.

    Tesla is not telling me that instead of having the system operation in late December 2018, its been pushed to Arpil 2019 (a fully paid system)

    Anyways, cant wait until this charade ends.
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    @sschaem wow....this is what worries me about going Tesla. I have read a few posts on this site and the other forum where the experience left much to be desired. I want to go with Tesla since I have the car and I own shares, but I have been talking to a local guy who is able to match on price but seems to be on his game, comes across as very knowledgeable, and his reviews are amazingly solid.

    I want to go with Tesla, but I am leaning towards the local guy....ugh.
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    Remember the panel warranty is only as good as the co backing it.C heap solar from China is just that cheap
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