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My wife got into an accident that wrecked front right side of the car and the air bags were deployed. Gieco didn't total the car and said it will be repaired. (my pregnant wife was ok - Thank God!)
So the issue at hand is that my car has been in the shop for repairs since Dec 6th. As of Friday, the shop still says they are waiting for the parts to come from Tesla before even they can open up the car to identify any further damage.

Does anyone, on this forum, knows if there is any issue with the Tesla parts distribution network? I've been calling the shop every 2nd day and they keep saying that they are waiting on Tesla. I've called Tesla but have not heard anything back yet.

I have been a Lexus customer for a long time and all my other vehicles are Lexus or Mercedes. I have never encountered such kind of issue with any of them. Ever!

Does anyone else has been through the similar issue? If yes, what was your issue and how you were finally able to resolve it?

Thanks for sharing.



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    First I am so happy to hear your wife and soon to be child are OK. If you do a search you will find it is true that Tesla is short on parts. They are working hard to change this situation.
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    "Does anyone, on this forum, knows if there is any issue with the Tesla parts distribution network? "

    Is the pope catholic?

    Here's my tale, one of hundreds:
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    @ Anthony Thanks for the kind words. I am looking forward to put that child seat in my Lexus in Aug 2019. (not saying MS cuz i'm not sure if it will be ready by that time- lol )

    @Barrykmd - you are hilarious sir! They say misery loves company. Reading your thread does give me some comfort. I feel better that I'm not the only one. I'll give this to Tesla, they are equal opportunity poor customer service provider. No exceptions!

    I noticed that you had that issue in Feb 2016. Mine happened in Dec 2018 and i'm surprised to see that even 2 years later things are still as bad, if not worst. smh...
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    @muhammadfm123 - Glad everyone is safe. One huge advantage of the Tesla is the safety. In other cars, the owners may be killed so they don't have to worry about repairs :(

    Have you contacted Tesla? For support with your Tesla at a Body Shop, please call 877-798-3752 (press 2, then 4) to speak with a Body Shop Customer Advocate.

    Here's a more detailed article I wrote on repairs to your Tesla: that may help. Tesla does need to get better, but not all issues are Tesla's fault - but they often get the blame.
  • edited February 2019 thanks for the info. The repair guide was very helpful - However the number sent me back to the website.

    So here we are so far with the process. I've been calling body shop for the past 1 month and they say its not in their control. They don't have any phone number to call Tesla and they order the parts online.

    I've also tried reaching out to Tesla parts center in my local dealership and left them voicemails but no reply. I just called them about 25 times and still after a long wait, goes to the voice mail.

    I tried the number that that shared but that sent me back to the website.

    I'm now thinking to go to the dealership and raise hell there - still not sure what good will come out of it. I'm not a difficult, just a dissatisfied and disappointed customer.

    I understand that they are new and working on the distribution network, but honestly, that is not my problem. We spend the large sum of our hard earned money to make our lives more convenient - not the other way around!
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    Sounds like things haven't improved too much on this front. I had a run in with a deer in 2016. No airbags just some front end damage. Took over 3 months for repairs and Magnum collision in Atlanta said it would have taken only several weeks without parts delays. Even though it was paid for driving a rental ICE - no HOV lane - no AP - car for 3+ months was like torture...
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    I so agree. It seems that things have gone for the worst. I saw in the news that they are cutting down their workforce, where clearly they need to go other way around, at least in the customer satisfaction department.

    My car is at the Falls Church Auto Body in Falls Church Virginia. They say that if the parts are provided, they can fix the car in 4 to 5 weeks. The car needs the entire front right side, including but not limited to hood, bumper cameras, sensors, steering and knee air bags (the car ran into a concrete pillarl)

    Last but not least, we didn't have rental car coverage added in our Geico insurance. So wife is driving our faithful LS460 for the time being. But in regards to the loaners, when our car was in the shop, for a tire change in Sept, hey gave us a WV Jetta from Enterprise as loaner. (Simply pathetic customer service!)

    PS - I'm planning to stop by the dealership in a few hours... More to come...
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    Sorry about the phone number - is seems to be used now by some other non-Tesla operation. I've removed it from my repair page. I did find this link that may be helpful:

    With that amount of damage, I'm surprised the car wasn't totaled. Usually with an entire side wiped out and airbag deployment it's not good. Perhaps you have better labor rates than here in California.

    Tesla does not have any stealerships (I mean dealerships). They have stores, galleries and service centers. I don't see how contacting the local service center will help, as they don't stock the body parts, no matter how many times you ask. There is a huge parts warehouse in New Jersey for the east coast and otherwise they come from California.
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    So when I call the service center, there is an option that is about 'parts'. The reason I wanted to go to that service center is to see if they can see the parts request in their system and explain to me what is causing the delay.

    Yeah the the damage is extensive and the estimated cost to repair is around 17K right now. I think the reason they don't want to total is because of the pay out. The car is less than a year old and is under 11K miles. Pristine condition. VA threshold for total loss is 75%.

    However, the overall amount may increase if they find out any more parts are required once they disassemble the car. Currently they wont even disassemble the car until the parts arrive.

    The whole process and delay is extremely frustrating. I regret the decision of buying this car for wife. I should've waited a few more years or at least until their customer service and production has the chance to catch up to the demand.
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    My MS was rear-ended twice last year, and I have been avoiding taking it in because of the wait. It's only cosmetic, but I still want to get it fixed. I just can't stand the idea of being without the car for months...
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    @tbates you are lucky sir that it was minor for your car. This wait is very frustrating. I just read some horrific Tesla customer service experiences at the consumer affairs website. One of the reviewer has his MS in shop since Sep 30th and still not ready. I'm flabbergasted to see how they are still afloat with such a horrible customer service. I've already taken my money out of Tesla stocks!
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    @tbates - If drivable, have the body shop do all the work without leaving the car with them. When all the parts arrive, then have the work done. May only be a week without your car.

    Tesla is also working on a new program to have popular pre-painted bumpers at service centers, so if just a bumper skin replacement is needed, it can be done in a few hours. This assumes it's a popular color and bumper. There are 40+ variants on the Model S front bumper alone, so they will not stock every variant. Not sure when this will be up and running, but sounds like before summer.
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    @muhammadfm - Actually Tesla customer service gets rave reviews. I've only had exceptionally positive experiences with service, and so has many other owners I speak with. Now you may have a valid complaint with the parts delivery for your accident. Lucky few owners get into accidents, and those that do are often happy it saved them from serious injuries that would have occured in most other vehicles. Hard to recover from death.

    Since you seemly hate Tesla so much, you really should consider getting something else that better fits your desires. High volume cars like a Ford Taurus or Toyota Yaris get into many more accidents and have more parts on hand to fix them up quicker. Being cheap cars, they are also more disposable when they get into major accidents, if the owners survive them.
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    The Tesla IPB ( they call it EPC or something) has been recently updated to show many small parts ( clips and such) that were not there before. For those that cannot stand the wait, suggest you look at the parts catalog to ensure everything has been ordered. Consider also sourcing minor parts used on Fleabay or equal..
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    “The whole process and delay is extremely frustrating. I regret the decision of buying this car for wife. ”

    Yet your wife is alive, and apparently is the unborn child.

    Lash out all you want in this situation, but don’t gladly lay blame.
  • edited February 2019 well thank you for all the suggestion and I can clearly see that whatever I say, you guys won't understand since you are not in the situation I am in. BTW, none of the Tesla safety system helped to mitigate the impact in that accident. We are still waiting to hear back from Tesla to find out what caused the car to not stop when obstacle was detected or why the jumped to extreme forward acceleration when it was going into reverse in a parking spot (been waiting for 5 weeks now to hear back from Tesla Executives). I do have other vehicles, far better than the MS, and I only wish my wife was in one of those vehicles, and the whole accident would have never happened.

    @aerodyne thanks for the advice. I just called the body shop and shared your advice. They say they will go through it and make sure that all the parts are ordered. However, they may find more damaged parts when the car will be opened. (after the parts are arrived)

    @Nkyta Well, I would not wish such situation on anyone. So, I don't think you know what am I going through. I'll lay blame as much as I want to.

    Now, for a lot of people (not saying you guys), Tesla is the very first fancy car that they have ever bought and have no prior experience of owning and maintaining a premium vehicle. They saved money so they can make one-time investment and not worry about maintenance afterword’s. And of course, most of those people were driving economical cars in the past, therefore dealing with the economical car customer service. So I can see why some people think that the customer service of Tesla is 'amazing', it’s because they don't have any prior experience of dealing with a luxury vehicle manufacturer to compare. Now I don't say there are no exceptions, but 2 months wait for parts from a premium vehicle manufacturer, is simply unacceptable. But again, these are just my thoughts. I still say Tesla is NOT a luxury car and it's just a sports sedan. I said that when we were buying it as well. But had to buy it because wife liked the shape (btw, she won't sit in any other Tesla since the accident - we also have another MS in the family and she avoids it like a plague) .
    One should try an RR or Bentley or even AM if you want to experience Luxury. (actually, I apologize, I take it back. There is no comparison of MS with RR, Bentley or even AM. They are a whole different and better class of luxury)

    Last but not least: If I wanted to lash out prematurely, I could've blamed the whole accident on Tesla. But I'm waiting to hear back from them. All I say is based on facts, my personal experience and observation. Now your experience may be different, but you cannot stop me from sharing my experience or how I am feeling about the customer service from Tesla.

    PS - I do expect some of the Tesla fans lashing out after reading my comments, that will confirm or deny another hypothesis that I have about the education level of majority Tesla owners. I still think majority of Tesla owners are well educated and sophisticated as it takes refined aesthetic sense and open mind for one to like minimalistic designs and quiet vehicles. But I guess, we will see!
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    muhammadfm123 | February 5, 2019
    PS - I'm planning to stop by the dealership in a few hours... More to come...

    What did they say?
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    OP-- I hope you ignore anyone on this forum that isn't totally appalled by the inexcusable shortage of Tesla body parts and the inexcusable infrastructure for procuring those parts. Your feelings are quite justified.
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    The priority for Tesla has to be putting body panels on new cars. This was specially true in Q4 of 2018.It will get better as demand smooths for new cars.
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    @muhammadfm - I hope people don't' lash out, but try to help with constructive ideas. Lots of new information, but not all that clear either. Were you using summon or was the car being manually parked?

    For manual parking, if going reverse there is no obstacle detection for stopping - it will show a display of what the sensors sees. Not aware of any car that has such an auto stopping feature. Going forward, automatic emergency braking only operates when going over 7 mph. Even then it cannot detect every possible obstacle.The manual outlines all the limitations. Rather typical of AEB systems on all cars. There is another feature called Obstacle-Aware Acceleration that tries to reduce an impact if there is a solid barrier (like a garage door) and the accelerator is pressed hard. Lots of limitations on how this feature works in the manual.

    Now, it sounds like the driver thought they were in reverse when they were in drive and pressed the accelerator hard (perhaps thinking it was the brake). Not sure what Tesla can tell you at this point, other than it sounds like a typical pedal misapplication (which has happened with many brands and models). In many of such reports on other brands, often the owner swears they were pressing the brake when the logs shows the accelerator being applied and no brakes at all being applied. Is it possible this is your case? I know people hate to admit they might have done something wrong, but that's why we all have insurance to cover accidents.

    Agreed RR/Bentley are a totally different class of vehicle. That's what 2-4 times the cost of a Tesla can get you. Tesla never calls their cars luxury, but more in the premium sport category as you noted - but seems many people compare Tesla with luxury brands anyway - usually from a cost standpoint.
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    @doug - Fenders for repair are actually different than those in production. Production uses glue and welds while the vehicle frame is completely open. I believe fender repairs use a different shaped part and uses rivets to hold in place. So production should have no effect to repair fenders and rivet availability, but perhaps true of other parts used in current production.
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    TT - Our local Tesla club had a meeting at a Tesla-body shop several months ago and we watched some repairs being done with the technician talking through the process. They still use an adhesive between metal parts, but the welds are replaced with (insert drum roll...) Rivets, as you said.
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    I had a fender bender and my front bumper was damaged along with my frunk. My car was drivable and the damage was mostly just cosmetic. I went to an actual Tesla body shop 3 hours away and was able to get everything done in 2 weeks. There was also hidden damage that they saw, and had to have the insurance company come out and look at it. All in all I was very impressed as all the parts are OEM, they were all available in shop and they spray painted the ‘naked’bumper so that it looked seemeless. I also had them fix some curb rash on my rims while it was in the shop. So my suggestion is to go to an actual Tesla shop as they will always have their parts/supplies in house.
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    I've been trying to answer everyone but getting an 'invalid url' error message. May be my response is too large. I'll break it down and try again.
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    @tes-s I still didn't get the chance to stop by the dealership. I'm going to try again this afternoon. May be 2nd time is the charm! Its literally 1 mile from my place, I just didn't get the chance to go.
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