No New England used Model S or X list in used inventory?

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Looking at the Tesla used inventory page, no cars in New England? They just disappeared three days ago, tried a couple different computers to see if its a error on my end. still no Ma cars mot sure if’s a page issue, NH resale issue (I'm located in NH) or a wholesaler issue?


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    Hey Andrew,

    I reside in Maine and recently took ownership of a used Model S. I had to close the deal down in NJ since apparently Massachusetts arrangement with Tesla only allows them to sell to residents. From NH I believe your closest choices for where you can buy it are Paramus NJ, some town in Westchester, NY or Baltimore, MD.

    Put a NY or NJ zipcode for where you want to get one when looking at used inventory and your preferences for features. They were willing to transport one from Massachusetts to NJ but that added well over two weeks wait between order and delivery.
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    Thank you, up to a couple days ago, I could put me NH zip in and it would say what cars where located in MA...
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    You can type in legit zip codes into the Tesla used inventory site too, just type ones where you’re willing to travel to only.
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    The “some town in Westchester NY” would be Mt. Kisco.

    As for MA, it is not a matter of an arrangement with Tesla, it is a matter of money and taxes. MA no longer has agreements with other states to pass along the sales tax on cars bought by out of state customers.
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