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If there's a software upgrade to bring the LR Dual Motor acceleration close as the Performance, I wo

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I only care about the software upgrade without the hardware stuff if it's available I would gladly pay for it.

Ok the LR Dual Motor has a nice acceleration but now I would love to increase so it's close to the Performance spec :-)


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    Wait for a end of quarter when cash flow is low. That's the only chance you have of ever seeing them do that.
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    Would you pay $10,000 to be exactly the same?
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    Yeah, ideas like this for a cash grab are way better than the constant adjustment of pricing and devaluing of our owned cars!
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    I’d do this. I just looked at trading in for a performance, but it took a while for my loan and registration on the AWD that I’d don’t want to go through the process again. Took too much time.

    But if they offered up a upgrade for my current car I’d do it.
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    Around 6K$ I think could be alright for just a software update for extra acceleration, anyway it’s easy money for Tesla....imagine all the LR AWD already sold that could convert.

    Also it will prepare myself for my next purchase in a few years....The new Roadster haha
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    If you could download an update that gave Performance-level performance for cheaper than the the cost to include it when you bought the car, everyone would do that instead of ordering Performance with the car.

    It would have to either cost the same, or deliver less performance.
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    That's why I carefully chose my words....acceleration "close" as the Performance :-)
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    How about choose your own acceleration then. $1,000 per 0.1s decrease in 0-60
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    I also taught about that but maybe they want to keep it simple.
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    I was being facetious....
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    I learned another word after googling facetious haha
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    I have a chip on my shoulder since I paid full price
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    @Daryl That's exactly what they did with the AP/FSD upgrade price sale that supposedly ends's 3k cheaper for FSD if you didn't order it in the 1st place in why not offer performance upgrade for 3k cheaper too?
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    I don’t mind paying 6K for let say a 3.9 sec acceleration 0-60mph, don’t need the same acceleration as the performance :-)
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    I'd happily pay for an upgrade to either the full Performance package, or even something a bit less( i.e. software upgrade only without any of the other goodies).

    I had to choose between a $8000 rebate on my AWD or $3000 rebate on a performance model as Quebec tied their rebate to MSRP :(

    Someone text Elon!
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    Yeah, I think Tesla could definitely coax more green out of my pocket with a scheme like this. The Dual Motor is quick, but I find myself wanting more ;)
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    Tesla should not offer any after the purchase performance upgrades. It devalues the Performance models that some folks thought worth the extra money. Not sure how much more Tesla can tarnish their own brand but this would just be one more way.
  • They have done it it the past.

    What about the free power upgrade, what other car company does that?
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    I'd be in on this as well. In fact I'm not purchasing the AP for $2k because I do think they'll give us the option to upgrade our AWD cars. So many people are asking and it's an easy cash grab.

    As far as pissing off the Performance owners, our AWD cars would be P- cars, not P+ cars. Even if they matched the power of the Performance, it still wouldn't be a performance and wouldn't have all those extra bits. I think $5-6k to match the Performance acceleration would be a decent number that wouldn't piss off the P owners too much. Maybe do a $3k option to get it halfway there.

    Take my money Tesla!
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    @ minervo.florida "They have done it it the past."

    Yes, they have, but It is a very shortsighted and misguided move.

    It is diminishing the premium image and value of the Tesla brand especially the more expensive upscale models (i.e. BMW "M" series). It also causes more people to buy the cheapest model possible with the expected anticipation that they can save money down the road when Tesla has an end of the month/quarter fire sale.

    Wait, the most premium EV brand on the planet needs to have fire sales all the time to try and make the numbers!!

    This is generating a very stupid purchasing paradigm and making Tesla look like a desperate corner huckster.

    They should hold the price "value" of all their models and options.

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    I disagree! I was suppose to buy a few years ago the base Model 3 but I wanted so bad the Model 3 that I purchase a Model 3 LR Dual motor because it was available...don't under estimate Tesla marketting, there not like all the others company and they are doing things differently so that's Tesla! Forget the old marketting, Tesla is doing so much better and now the car industries are playing catch up time!

    Paying options via software upgrade is so cool!!! And it's the best way to make money on an already sold car! This is the future :-)
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    Yes @TM3Q!! Agreed, it's just a speed upgrade, it wouldn't hurt the P+ people.
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    I think buying upgrades "a la carte" would be brilliant.

    I would be 1st in line to buy track mode for my LR DM. Maybe even some sort of sport mode for acceleration

    I think they would make a killing.
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    So instead of selling a premium car where Tesla can make more money upfront, you suggest it is a better business decision to sell the options for a premium feature for less money after the sale.

    This is again a very poor marketing process. One that undermines the long term branding of Tesla.

    Tesla is working on being the next Chevrolet of EV vehicles. Why not strive to be the Porsche of EV's?

    Very disappointing and in part why I just bought a new 2019 EV from another company.
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    I'm going to re-explain in another way

    I don't want lower suspension or spoilers or 20 inch wheels and brakes etc

    I only want software upgrades!!!

    How this will affect the Model 3 Performance if my upgrade is only software???
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