Model S

Tesla Detailing and Opti-Coat pro

I am the office manager at Madison Auto Detail, Madison, WI

I am offering Opti-Coat Pro for All Tesla owners for just $450

We are the only approved applicator north of Chicago.

Please reply to this post or email me at [email protected]



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    I'm in SoCal, and have no relationship with the OP, but want everyone to know. That's a GREAT deal if that includes "prep" that needs to be done prior to the OptiCoat pro application.
    If prep is not included, I'm under the impression that the going rate is $400.
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    I think the paint correction will be extra and will have a different prices depending on how much time have to spend on. I think his price is just for the Opti-coat. I recently have done mine and I paid the same with no paint correction because I brought it right out after picking it up and I requested my DS not to prep the car.
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    I am not in WI, but I have been inquirying with a local Opti-coat authorized installer about Opti-coat Pro. He told me today that Optimum no longer supports a warranty on Opti-coat.
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    is prep included?
    Can it be done in one day without overnight dry time?
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    also, aren't these guys north of Chicago:
  • <b>Update!</b> We are proud to add another Tech to the role of <strong>Opti-Coat Pro Installer</strong>. Charles Johnson has 5+ years working in the automotive paint and detailing field. Please call and ask for him specifically and receive a discount!
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    Replying here in 2019 that this is no longer valid to prevent others in Madison, WI from confusion.
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