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Worst day in Bellevue Tesla Service Center

Bare with my typo.

That was my worst day in Bellevue service center to maintain my Model S. I purchased a pre-owned Tesla model s in 2017 and this is my second time been to the same service center. Last time when I did service, they did not charge anything or even not mention anything related to service fee. This time when I drop off my car, I was told need to pay the service fee. I told one of the representative that I have 4 years warranty and I didn’t pay anything last time. He agreed that service and warranty is confusing and went to a manager to ask if I can get this time for free. He came back and said you got luck and we can do free this time only. I was so happy and signed the paper work which he hadn’t corrected yet. I thought Tesla is a big company and they knew what they said for sure. Next day when I came back and pick up my car, another representative gave me the key and I explained the same thing to him. He just let me leave. Later at noon, he called me and asked me for maintain fee. I was so confused since they said it is free already. I tried to explain to him but he didn’t care. He only cares the bill and the paper work I signed. He also tried to misleading me to something totally incorrect. The rudest customer service I have ever seen. I told him many times I am ok to pay, but I need to know why the other guy said I can get free service this time. He cannot explain why so his manager called me about 5 mins later. I said I am very disappointed about what happened and she said she is disappointed about me. Sounds like I am not willing to pay at all and threatening me to put some bad financial record onto my Tesla account. I kept saying I am willing to pay but need clear explanation why I was told free earlier. If it’s not free, I would go with other options by that time. She didn’t care either but only the bill. Keep threatening me and saying I am wasting her time as she has other customers(12 mins call in total). I just want to let you know I am also one of your customers and I just need an explanation for what’s gong on. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the patient at all. I was forced to give my credit card number to her by her threatening to put so called financial record issues without knowing what exactly happened. It is feel like a robbery.

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    I went to the Bellevue Tesla Service Center for maintenance on my Model S. I was told I would have to pay a service fee. I claim that I talked to the customer representative about it and the representative waived the fee. I signed the service contract, but did not modify it to show the fee waiver. I came back to get my car and everyone claims I have to pay the contract as signed. I am mad because I signed a contract that was different than what I intended and the company is holding me to what I signed, because nobody remembers me having a different deal except me.


    Lesson for next time - modify the contract to reflect the terms agreed upon and desired, before signing it. Do not expect the company to honor what you claim they agreed to, if you did not put that agreement in writing. I feel your pain, I have made similar mistakes, but at the end of the day it is your mistake. Your only real option would be to find the original customer representative you spoke with, ask if he remembers you, and see if he will tell management to honor the agreement.
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