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March Anniversary Date

Hello my fellow star powered friends,

I was told that the best anniversary month for resetting net metering with my utility in March but I wasn't told why. I asked on another forum but I'm not sure that I understand fully.I was also told that you can only choose this anniversary month once and never change it again so I want to make sure that I fully understand the reason before I go ahead and make March the month. If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. Thanks!


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    sun starts positioning itself higher in the sky in the northern hemisphere in march which typically results in credits. you'll get the most production between march-october.

    my guess is that march is typically selected as the reset month is because you won't run a deficit in energy usage until probably november. you'll give yourself time to use those credits generated in the spring, summer and fall in the winter months.

    i wouldn't sweat the decision too much. depending on how your system is sized, the idea is to end a 12 month period at net zero. shouldn't matter when you stop and start the clock.
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    We don't have the option of choosing our net metering reset date, our utility does that for us. Here in Edmonds, WA ours is end of June each year. For me doesn't really matter as long as it credits entire year, as @ripatriot states above.
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    It depends where you live, if you use electricity in the winter for heat, and if you’re allowed to choose a custom true up date.

    In states like AZ October would be best
    In states like NJ April would be best
    These both max out if the home is heated by gas

    Most utilities don’t let you pick.
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